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Brighton College Launches Green Building and Sustainable Design Program to Help Battle Climate Change

2021-01-21 | Brighton College, an engineering-focused career college, has launched a new diploma program to help battle climate change.

EC-Council Unveils Award-Winning Cybersecurity Programs and Instructors from 2020

2021-01-20 | The EC-Council Global Awards honor top performers in cybersecurity training, education, instruction, and leadership across the world annually.

Colling Media Pushes Boundaries of New YouTube Advertising Offerings

2021-01-19 | Agency Clients Seeing Success with Dynamic Lineups and Audio Ads

Christenson Transportation Receives 2020 Fleet Safety Award

2021-01-13 | From Truckload Carriers Association

Automatic Gelatin and Medicine Preparation System for Softgel Manufacturing Technology

2021-01-12 | Joysun a leading supplier for softgel machine and a better choice for a turnkey project

ImaginED Georgia Accelerates Startups Pursuing Solutions to Educational Disparities

2020-12-18 | Georgia-based education innovation cluster held its inaugural five-week accelerator program for education-based startups

Career Planning Company PATH2™ Sponsors New Series with Sam White, the "You Can Be ABCs" Kid

2020-12-16 | PATH2 helps college-bound students and career-changing adults land in jobs they enjoy and are great at

LoopChat Releases the College Circle, a New Feature Enabling College Students to Share College Life Away From Campus

2020-12-15 | With most university campuses across the United States closed due to COVID19, LoopChat users have a new way of connecting and sharing their stories.

CYPHER LEARNING releases offline mode for the Android and iOS apps of NEO and MATRIX LMS

2020-12-10 | CYPHER LEARNING, provider of learning platforms for schools, universities, and organizations around the world, has announced the release of an offline mode for the Android and iOS apps of NEO and MATRIX LMS.

Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving A Career They'll Love and Be Great At

2020-12-07 | PATH2™ is the perfect holiday gift for high-school and college students, grads, veterans, and career-changing adults — the gift of a happier, more secure future

StudentShare Offers Invaluable Resource for Students

2020-12-03 | Students and professionals provide extensive resources and essay-writing help for time-challenged students.

[PangyoTechnoValley] UVify, AI Autonomous Flying Drone Design and Manufacturing Company

2020-11-29 | Introduces IFO, the world's first commercialized swarm light show drone

Learning and Games are Friendly Mingled! Minglecon!

2020-11-28 | Minglecon provides convergence of gamification for children's computational thinking, such as logical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

Millionaire Life Strategy Offers the Perfect Gift to Kickstart 2021

2020-11-17 | The Millionaire Life Strategy™ LinkedIn as a Sales Page training is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and tech gurus wanting to launch a business or take theirs to the next level

Celsys Opens International Comic/Manga School Contest for Students Worldwide - Students get chance at publication with Sponsor Publishers

2020-11-12 | Celsys officially opens the International Comic/Manga School Contest 2021 for students worldwide, accepting illustrations and comics on the theme of "Admiration".

AR Coding "My Little Farm"

2020-11-12 | My Little Farm"- Easy, Funny & Motivational way of Coding Education

'MAKE', The World's First Mobile Coding Application for Makers

2020-11-12 | Currently used in 400+ public schools in South Korea, aiming to expand on the overseas coding education market

EduSalad - Interactive e-Learning Platform

2020-11-11 | Maximizing Collaboration and Interaction for Online Education