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Renaissance BioScience's novel RNAi biopesticide technology receives Canadian regulatory approval for 2023 field studies

2023-05-31 | Update on Yeast-based Precision Biopesticide Technology 2023 Plans -- Invitation for Joint Development Partners to Accelerate Development of Multiple Products Using Sustainable Bio-based Precision Crop Protection Technology

World Climate Industry Expo 2023 opens on the 25th at the Bexco... Showcasing cutting-edge climate-related technologies at the 'Climate and Environmental Technology Center'

2023-05-24 | World Climate Industry Expo 2023 at the Climate and Environmental Technology Center will be taking place on May 25th (Thur.) - May 27th (Sat.) at Bexco Exhibition Hall 2.

CAUTION! Renowned Storyteller Richard Runyon Unveils the Perilous Third Installment of "A Story to Tell" Series, Delving Into His Most Thrilling Encounters Yet

2023-05-05 | Richard Runyon gets ready to release the third installment in his interview series, while breaking website records and gearing up for more surprises in 2023.

AccelESG Appoints Sanjay Kommera as Chief Executive Officer

2023-05-01 | I am excited to join AccelESG and lead such a strong team of experts dedicated to guiding companies towards more sustainable practices.

Embracing Innovation and Best Practices: How Strada Environmental Sets the Standard for Asbestos Removal Services in the UK

2023-04-21 | Pioneering Safe and Efficient Asbestos Removal Solutions Across Scotland and England

Standing Ovation at TEDxTalk With Nyleve Henry, A Green Business FashionTech CEO

2023-04-19 | TEDxCrenshaw presents Nyleve Henry, a solution based Fashion Tech CEO and Climate Change Activists; raising awareness on zero-carbon purchases and the positive effects it has on climate change.

Democrat Melissa May Launches Campaign for U.S. House of Representatives in California's 35th Congressional District

2023-04-13 | "I'm done with accepting that the working class and small businesses are neglected and left behind. Career politicians have left the American Dream unattainable for our children. We are on our own, and I'm over it."

UnCruise Adventures IT Department Wins Navy Challenge Project with Innovative Whale Detection System

2023-04-07 | The New Thermal Detection Camera System Has Been Installed on the 22-Passenger Vessel, The Safari Quest

K&D Landscaping Launches Irrigation Water Management Services for Sustainable Landscapes on the California Central Coast

2023-04-05 | K&D Landscaping is committed to helping its clients create and maintain beautiful, sustainable landscapes while minimizing their environmental impact.


2023-03-28 | April Conference Brings Together Industry Leaders Sharing Emerging Concepts in Biophilia: Awe, Neuroaesthetics, Thin Places, Mass Timber, Recharge Rooms

Make World Greener & Healthier With Margaret A. Kling's "Be A Climate Crusader"

2023-03-21 | Author Margaret A. Kling invites readers to participate in the fight against climate change and protect our planet.

Embark on a Journey Through Life's Many Thrills with Richard Runyon in the Latest "A Story to Tell" Interview

2023-02-10 | Richard Runyon, retired FDA senior analyst, unveils the second installment of his six-part interview series, as his exciting new website,, continues its expansion.


2022-12-22 | Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water Produces 6-log reduction in L. Mono

Whether Sharing His 'Story to Tell' or Breaking New Ground with the Revolutionary 'Storybook' Richard Runyon's Legacy Is Something to Behold

2022-11-23 | Richard Runyon, legendary storyteller and retired FDA employee, lives up to his Q4 2022 Flagship status with an exciting slate of new releases.

The Extraordinary Richard Runyon Has 'A Story to Tell' In His Long-Awaited Interview Series Premiering Today…and the World Is Listening!

2022-11-22 | Richard Runyon, a retired FDA senior analyst, is rolling out the first in his six-part interview series, in addition to continuing work on his official website and making plans for an audiovisual web series all before the end of the year.

FlowWest habitat restoration is determined to have concurrence for CEQA-exempt status for The Basso/La Grange Reach Floodplain and Spawning Habitat Restoration Project

2022-11-18 | The CEQA Statutory Exemption for Restoration Projects (SERP) is a win for project timelines, as it removes several months and required steps in the process for approval.

Students and Faculty in Leading NJ Public Health Program Study Water Overflow to Reveal How Climate Change Impacts Socio-Economic Disparities

2022-11-01 | Public health students and faculty at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) reveal pathogens in water overflow in cities, an occurrence increasing due to climate change.

'The 13th International Climate & Environment Fair' held at Kimdaejung Convention Center on the 14th... 110 companies participated, 230 booths opened!

2022-10-27 | Jeolla Province's largest environmental exhibition 'The 13th International Climate & Environment Fair'

Mainline Aviation Wins 2022 Sustainability Leadership Award

2022-10-25 | The award serves as a testament to the organization's perseverance in its mission to bring sustainability to its customers.