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Haltom City Business Alliance Seeking Candidates for City Council & Mayor

2023-01-20 | HUBA encourages those with new ideas to help revitalize South & Central Haltom City to run in May 6, 2023 election

"We Need New Leaders" says 3rd Billboard

2023-01-17 | Local Business Owner and Small Business Advocate Ron Sturgeon Seeks Candidates to Run for Haltom City Council and Mayor in Upcoming Election

Make Haltom City Thrive Again Website Garners 2500 Visitors

2023-01-10 | Activist initiative to revitalize aging Haltom City corridors gains traction

Dr. Sherry O'Donnell Tapped As Michigan State Chair for U.S. Term Limits

2023-01-10 | Sees The Need For Congressional Term Limits

Business Alliance Seeks Haltom City Council Candidates to Return Prosperity to South & Central Haltom City

2023-01-03 | HUBA seeks candidates who know the older parts of the city are different and need to be treated differently & who understand the role small businesses will play in revitalization

Haltom United Business Alliance (HUBA) Hopes to Find Business-Friendly Candidates to Run in Upcoming City Elections

2023-01-03 | Business Alliance hopes to repair disconnect between elected officials and business community & gain influence to increase business development & revitalize South and Central Haltom City

Haltom City Businessman & Small Business Advocate Ron Sturgeon Offers Detailed Plan to Bring the Small Businesses Back at

2022-12-27 | Initiative urgently seeks pro-business candidates to run for Haltom City Council as mid-January filing deadline nears

Haltom City Business Alliance Would Like to See Innovative Candidates Run for City Council

2022-12-06 | HUBA encourages candidates who will bring ideas to the table to help revitalize South and Central Haltom City

Election Day 2022: Lesley Israel Looks Back on a Career in Campaigns, Discusses What's Changed and What Remains the Same

2022-12-05 | Esteemed political consultant and international democracy advocate, Lesley Israel, unveils the highly anticipated fifth installment of her acclaimed podcast series, Work That Matters, which focuses on her celebrated career in politics.

Indie Artist Seth Hilary Jackson is Calling All Elephants and Donkeys

2022-12-02 | New song reminds a divided America that we're still "One Great Nation"

New Book Stresses Importance of a Concept Plan for Small Cities in Decline

2022-11-30 | "Without a plan, nothing is going to change" says author Ron Sturgeon

"A Time to Break Silence" Goes Virtual with Voting Rights / Election Transparency Event

2022-11-22 | To reduce its carbon footprint, "A Time to Break Silence" is going virtual.

The Final Chapter of Dr. Barbara Taber's 'Cold Civil War' Touches Down on Election Day, Harnessing the Urgent Energy of the Moment

2022-11-09 | Esteemed educator, author, and political commentator, Barbara Taber, Ed.D., unveils the fourth and final installment of her acclaimed Take It Or Leave It mini-series, 'Cold Civil War', and another season two surprise.

New Initiative to Revitalize Haltom City Adds Second Billboard

2022-11-04 | lays out plan to bring small businesses back to the aging corridors of South and Central Haltom City

Midterms Are Right Around the Corner and Dr. Barbara Taber Is Weighing In On the Hot Button Issues Facing America Today; Check Out Cold Civil War (Part 3) Today

2022-10-28 | Barbara Taber, Ed.D, acclaimed educator, author and commentator, is back with the third installment of Cold Civil War, the mini-series within her acclaimed Take It Or Leave It podumentary.

Despite Public Claims of 'Free Elections' and 'Free Speech' Taiwan's Violation of Human Rights is a Harsh Reality

2022-10-27 | Taiwan's claim of 'Freedom of Speech' is conditional. The libel laws prevent opinions on social media let alone written criticism of the system.

Haltom City Business Alliance Asks Texas' Attorney General to Investigate Former Fire PAC President's Public Posting of Utility Bills

2022-10-11 | Haltom Firefighters for Responsible Government past President Jayson Steele allegedly violated state law Utilities Code Section 182.052 when he posted utility bills of candidate he wanted to discredit

Haltom United Business Alliance Calls for Greater Diversity on Haltom City Council

2022-10-05 | HUBA believes Council should have at least one Hispanic member because Haltom City is now approximately 46% Hispanic

Another Blow to Haltom City's Beleaguered Corridors as Coffee Shop Start Up Closes

2022-09-30 | Fire Cup Coffee was a bright star of hope along declining Denton Highway corridor

Despite Claims of Democracy, Taiwan's Violation of Human Rights Remains Under the Microscope in upcoming Documentary

2022-09-27 | An America, the notable Father of Chinese Cubism Art, is being held against his wishes in a Taiwan Nursing Home