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Voice of a President: AI Evaluates GOP Candidates Debate Words and Voice Tone

2023-09-29 | Speech Craft Analytics Launches with Powerful AI Tools Fusing Linguistic and Voice Analysis

Whose Life Matters? Rev. Richard Klingeisen Navigates Vital Family Issues with Balance and Fairness in New Podumentary Episode, 'Choose Life'

2023-09-22 | Explore the thought-provoking release of 'Choose Life,' the latest episode from Rev. Richard Klingeisen's celebrated web series, 'A Life of Giving.' You can stream it right now at

Phillips Condemns Iranian Cash For Hostages Deal

2023-09-21 | Biden Has Endangered Americans In Dealing With Terrorist Regime

Call for Accountability: Global Petition To Revoke Eduardo Manalo's Appointment as Special Envoy for Overseas Filipinos

2023-09-07 | An Unprecedented Global Movement That Is Raising International Movement And Solidarity Against Religious And Political Corruption

Unpacking America, Trump, and the New Rise of MAGA: "Take It or Leave It" Podumentary Unveils Third Season Premiere, Finding Host Dr. Barbara Taber In Top Form

2023-08-16 | The much-anticipated conclusion of "Justice Is Coming" delves into Trump's impact, vital political shifts, and the need for awareness. Explore Dr. Barbara Taber's influential insights and autobiographical book as her website garners 1.3M+ visitors.

Stop Antisemitism Today: "Work That Matters" Podcast Shines Spotlight on Lesley Israel's Impactful Work with Jewish Causes Worldwide

2023-08-14 | "Work That Matters" episode eight delves deep into Lesley Israel's impactful work with Jewish causes worldwide, combatting antisemitism and promoting understanding.

Explosive Revelations Regarding The Trump / Russia Connection Offered In A Bestselling New Book, From Democracy To Democrazy

2023-08-02 | Elizabeth Graham offers an exclusive and stunning behind the scenes look at Russia that will reshape our thinking about American politics and the future of Democracy in the United States.

Charles Camilleri Announces His 2024 Presidential Candidacy

2023-07-14 | Charles Camilleri is officially announcing his candidacy for President of the United States of America as a Democrat.

U.S. Term Limits to Congress Members: Don't Break Your Term Limits Pledge

2023-07-11 | 112 Members of Congress Signed U.S. Term Limits Pledge

Renowned Political Consultant Lesley Israel Shares Insights on Campaign Strategies, Voter Engagement and Polarization in the New Episode of "Work That Matters"

2023-06-26 | Lesley Israel launches the seventh episode of her Work That Matters podcast, sharing valuable insights on all things politics. She is also launching a new website dedicated to promoting the podcast.

AI Gives Its Take on Politics in "Trump is Awful: An AI's Attempt to Save Humanity"

2023-06-14 | Side-splitting AI created documentary now FREE on Tubi

Kennedy Denounces Trump Indictment

2023-06-11 | Indictment Is About Politics Not Law

Elizabeth Mercedes Krause Tapped As Nevada State Co-Chair For U.S. Term Limits

2023-05-09 | Voters Overwhelmingly Support Congressional Term Limits

Lombardi Endorses Donald J. Trump For President

2023-05-04 | Trump Will Make America Greater Than Ever Before

Ronda Kennedy Calls For Passage of Assembly Bill 400 To Expand School Choice

2023-05-02 | Pledges To Support Passage of School Choice Nationally When In The Senate

Haltom United Business Alliance Attends Forum for Mayoral Candidates at Haltom High School

2023-05-01 | Interested parties can view videos of the forum posted by HUBA

Haltom United Business Alliance Quizzes Candidates on Issues Concerning Declining Areas of South & Central Haltom City

2023-04-18 | Only three candidates responded to the survey, Cindy Sturgeon and Jeff Barlett, candidates for Mayor, and Charlie Roberts, candidate for City Council, Place 1

Ronda Kennedy Calls For National Boycott On Companies That Are Waging War On Women

2023-04-15 | National Brands Are Attacking The Concept Of Womanhood

Book Signing Event a Huge Success with 100+ Attendees

2023-04-14 | Mostly Haltom City residents, expressing concern about the declining inner city and potential growth in crime, showed up at Tarrant Events Center

Democrat Melissa May Launches Campaign for U.S. House of Representatives in California's 35th Congressional District

2023-04-13 | "I'm done with accepting that the working class and small businesses are neglected and left behind. Career politicians have left the American Dream unattainable for our children. We are on our own, and I'm over it."