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City Supporters Say Haltom City Businesses Should Not Have a Say in Ordinances or Development

2023-01-31 | Vocal critics make it clear that local businesses have no seat at the table but then are mystified that the city struggles to attract more businesses

Chevo Consulting, LLC Promotes Greg Williams to Executive Vice President, Homeland Security and Defense

2023-01-31 | Chevo Consulting, LLC (Chevo), announces the promotion of Greg Williams to the key position of Executive Vice President, Homeland Security and Defense Account

Atlanta Law Firm With 20 Years of Experience

2023-01-28 | Attorneys at Strickland Webster, LLC represent victims in cases involving criminal defense, immigration, post-conviction relief, and appeals

Georgia CPAs Advocate for Profession at State Capitol

2023-01-28 | GSCPA Members Gather for 12th Annual CPA Day at the Gold Dome

CAHEC Foundation Sponsors 235 Weeks of Summer Camp

2023-01-27 | Supporting Local Youth

Small Business Advocate Ron Sturgeon Suggests 5 Experiments City Could Do Now to Spur Businesses to Return to South and Central Haltom City

2023-01-25 | Creator of and author of a book on urban renewal urges city to act on concept plan to fix the city's aging corridors

VRC's Tom Gottfried to present at ABA Midyear Tax Meeting

2023-01-25 | Gottfried will speak on a panel about closely held businesses

"We Need New Leaders" says 3rd Billboard

2023-01-17 | Local Business Owner and Small Business Advocate Ron Sturgeon Seeks Candidates to Run for Haltom City Council and Mayor in Upcoming Election

Matthew F. Brass has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2023-01-16 | Mr. Matthew F. Brass is recognized for his expert leadership as a senator in Georgia and as the owner of The M4 Connection, LLC

Dr. Sherry O'Donnell Tapped As Michigan State Chair for U.S. Term Limits

2023-01-10 | Sees The Need For Congressional Term Limits

Rogue Commends UN Vote on ASAT Testing, Creates New Position for Space Sustainability Policy

2023-01-09 | Rogue Space Systems Corporation ("Rogue") announces its support for the United Nations General Assembly in its overwhelming adoption of Resolution 77/41 on 7 December 2022.

Cooperation Agreement between two Great Diasporas

2022-12-30 | For the first time ever, the two Diaspora States, the United States of KAILASA and the State of the African Diaspora have signed a cooperation agreement for the revival of two great Ancient traditions.

Strengthening Communities Since 1992

2022-12-30 | CAHEC Celebrates 30 Years

Georgia Crime Victim Attorneys Have Been Helping Clients for Three Decades

2022-12-30 | Attorneys at the Crime Victim Law Group of Deitch + Rogers represent victims of violent crime to get the money and peace of mind they deserve

Haltom City Businessman & Small Business Advocate Ron Sturgeon Offers Detailed Plan to Bring the Small Businesses Back at

2022-12-27 | Initiative urgently seeks pro-business candidates to run for Haltom City Council as mid-January filing deadline nears

Excellent Results for Thousands of Clients by Andrew T. Thomas, Attorneys at Law

2022-12-23 | Texas immigration attorneys with offices in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio are focused on helping people with immigration law issues

Women Advancing Affordable Housing

2022-12-22 | Raleigh-Based Community Development Organization Welcomes Rachel Ryan as New Board Member

Patricia Blake: How One Woman's Traumatic Experience Can Inspire a Nation

2022-12-13 | Retired police lieutenant, Patricia Blake is launching her latest book and spreading the good word to all those ready to hear it. With an exciting slate of 2022-23 events on the horizon, the future is bright for this dynamic and amazing woman.

Amid President Biden's Cannabis Possession Pardons, Students and Faculty From a Leading NJ Public Health Program Educate State-Wide Organizations on Decriminalization

2022-12-08 | TCNJ's public health program educates community groups and municipal organizations across NJ about decriminalization.