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Will Texas Repeal Parking Minimums to Spur Development of Vacant Properties?

2024-04-19 | Will city leadership take action to ease parking mandates and help bring small businesses back to south and central Haltom City?

Marquis Who's Who Honors Robert K. Nelson for Expertise in Government

2024-04-19 | Robert K. Nelson has also been honored for excellence in financial coaching and personal development

Marquis Who's Who Honors Daryel Dunston Sr., MPA, for Expertise in Local Government and Public Administration

2024-04-18 | Daryel Dunston Sr., MPA, is lauded for his contributions to the public sector

Nathaniel Trives Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Education

2024-04-15 | Nathaniel Trives channels years of expertise into his work with California State University, Los Angeles

Sherrod & Bernard, P.C. Announces Their New Personal Injury Website

2024-04-12 | The Douglasville personal injury law firm is pleased to reveal its revamped website

Kennedale Continues to Make it Hard for Small Businesses to Open & Operate in the City

2024-04-08 | A recent tenant waited one year to get his certificate of occupancy in Kennedale.

CCHR Hosting "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Exhibit" Exposing Mental Health Abuse

2024-04-06 | The Florida chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is scheduled to debut an exhibit that presents shocking evidence of abuse affecting the people of Florida this month.

Fast Guard Service: Revolutionizing Property Security for Industry Giants with Unparalleled Rapid Response Capabilities

2024-04-03 | How Fast Guard Service assist property management companies around the clock.

Atlanta, Georgia, Criminal Defense Attorney with Years of Experience

2024-03-27 | The founding attorney of The Law Office of Ahmad R. Crews, Ahmad R. Crews, offers his clients seasoned representation in criminal defense cases.

Will Florida Eliminate All Parking Mandates Statewide?

2024-03-26 | Will TX follow FL and the other cities that have spurred redevelopment of older properties by axing parking mandates?

Douglas Isaacson Honored by Marquis Who's Who for Expertise in Leadership and Business Development

2024-03-26 | Douglas Isaacson recognized for his career and achievements.

The North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors Celebrates 2024 Award Recipients

2024-03-23 | Award winners are honored for significant contributions to public health in North Carolina

Haltom City Continues to Close Small Businesses Without Regard to Its Ordinances

2024-03-22 | City leaders are using codes as weapons against small business owners like a local wrecker service.

Michael L. Baughn, Commissioner of Thomas County, Kansas, Celebrated for Civic Leadership

2024-03-22 | Mr. Michael L. Baughn served as mayor of Brewster for 33 years before being elected county commissioner

Community Demanding Redmond City Council Explain Legal Ground for Giving Away Public Land to Plymouth Housing

2024-03-22 | Redmond City Council rushed to approve the free public land transfer, yet is struggling to come up with the legal justification for their decision. 

Assistance for Affordable Homeownership: $50,000 Grant Offered by CAHEC's Open Doors Homeownership Initiative

2024-03-19 | $50,000 Grant Offered by CAHEC's Open Doors Homeownership Initiative

Azle Building Regulations Continue to Hamper Redevelopment of Older Buildings

2024-03-15 | City denies parking variance blocking the way to remodel a building vacant for a decade.

Haltom City's Slow Population Growth Has Turned Negative

2024-03-14 | At a time when Fort Worth is one of America's fastest growing cities, what has gone wrong to hold Haltom City back?