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September 26, 2005

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Multimedia Show "Entschlossenheit" with Torsten Kretchzmar at San Francisco's ATA.

2005-09-26 | Torsten Kretchzmar the German electro pop artist presents his DVD with a live performance ATA in San Francisco on September 30th at 9pm.

In Defense Of The Christ: Why Jesus Would Disown Christianity Declared Best Books USA 2005 Finalist

2005-09-26 | The book demostrates that God can be found without religion. That in fact certain religious doctrines can prevent finding God.

Tapart News and Art that Talks global, trade and job issues provides unique published articles, data and commentaries mixed with editorial art by Ray Tapajna plus many total free web services and offers

2005-09-26 | Tapart News and Art that Talks has information not found elswhere, featuring the thought provoking editorial art by Ray Tapajna. It chronicles the failures of Globalism and free trade for past 12 years. See