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January 16, 2014

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Space Station MAXI-mizing Our Understanding of the Universe

2014-01-16 | The Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image collects data that help researchers discover, study and understand the physics behind the lifecycle of our universe. MAXI was key in two recent publications sharing results that make strides in astrophysics.

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New Tool to Transform How Students Determine if Colleges Are Offering the Best Deal

2014-01-16 | Challenged by the White House and the Department of Education during the recent Data Jam at Stanford University, an unusual alliance of organizations came together with a solution that will empower students like never before.

Crown Capital Eco Management Review: Why Skeptics of Global Warming Are Wrong

2014-01-16 | Understanding Climate Change and the reasons why we should believe and prepare for it.

Arlington TX Eyebrow Threading Salon Opens at Salon & Spa Galleria

2014-01-16 | Cosmetologist Erum Ghani brings ten years' worth of threading experience to new salon on South Cooper Street in Arlington.

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Women of STEM Launches New Job Board with Revolutionary Job Matching Technology

2014-01-16 | Connecting employers and skilled women in the science, health, technology and math industries in a whole new way

World Risk and Insurance News Viewership Jumps 97% in 2013

2014-01-16 | Success attributed to high-quality video content, insurance event coverage and top guests.

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MaxiAids Celebrates Grand Opening of Newest Division, Maxi-Tech Solutions for Assistive Technology

2014-01-16 | MaxiAids Products for Independent Living, supplier of items for the visually and hearing impaired, has launched the Maxi-Tech Solutions division to help people with special needs find, set up and use the right technology products to suit their needs

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Staying Healthy Starts With Planning

2014-01-16 | Life Made Better has made a product to help people stay fit.

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Organizing Your Life One Step At A Time

2014-01-16 | Life Made Better has produced a planner to aid in stressful situations.

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ONE "Last Look" at Grace Kelly With A "First Look" at Kelly-Inspired Creations from the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy's Center City

2014-01-16 | This is your last chance to view from Philadelphia to Monaco: GRACE KELLY - Beyond the Iconat the Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA, the only US destination, as it plans a special goodbye before heading back to Monaco.

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Convenience and K Cups

2014-01-16 | The Tower is one of the best inventions by Life Made better to help store K Cups.

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Arts & Crafts and Why It's Good For Your Children

2014-01-16 | Life Made Better has discovered a product that will make your heads turn.

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KAMON's '360 Degree Movie VR Recording System' Provides Interactive Video

2014-01-16 | Kamon Ltd. participated in the world's biggest IT and home appliance fair 'CES 2014'.

Tampa Foundation Repair Company All Florida Ram Jack Offers Complete Home Restoration Services

2014-01-16 | If your home or business suffers from damage due to a foundation failure, All Florida Ram Jack can fix both your foundation and the rest of the damage.

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Atlanta Wildlife Control Company Urban Wildlife Explains How to Determine if You Have Raccoons in Your Attic

2014-01-16 | Keep your house and property safe from pest invasion; have a professional Atlanta wildlife removal company handle any wildlife problems you may be experiencing.

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APM Cool Explains Causes of Refrigeration Compressor Failure

2014-01-16 | APM Cool discusses some of the leading causes of refrigeration compressor failure. Most compressor problems can be prevented with proper installation and service.

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Premier Surfaces, an Atlanta Countertop Company, Discusses New Year Renovations

2014-01-16 | Choose from the best granite countertops in Atlanta, Ga., at the showrooms of this innovative company with a richly-deserved stellar reputation in the industry.

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Atlanta Pain Center ASAP Discusses Runner's Knee and Tips to Avoid It

2014-01-16 | Runner's knee is a painful inflammation of the soft tissue around the knee, explains Atlanta Spine & Alternative Pain Management Center.

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Knoxville Bankruptcy Attorneys, Clark & Washington, Discuss Debt and the Holidays

2014-01-16 | Follow the advice of this leading bankruptcy attorney in Knoxville and enjoy the holidays without incurring a heavy debt.

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Vein Treatment Center, Medicus Veincare, Launched New Website and Vein Care Blog in December

2014-01-16 | Visit Medicus Veincare's new website and blog to explore your vein treatment options.

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