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March 11, 2014

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International Space Station to Beam Video via Laser Back to Earth

2014-03-11 | A team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, Calif. led the development of the Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science investigation, NASA's first optical communication experiment from the space station, which launches March 16 aboard SpaceX-3.

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Matt Bogdan Promoted to Vice President of Sales, Private Fleet and Carrier Division, for AmeriQuest Transportation Services

2014-03-11 | Bogdan previously served as Director of Supply Management for AmeriQuest.

Sale and Repair of A06B-6096 and A06B-6079 Fanuc Servo Drives on!

2014-03-11 |, European leader in the supply of CNC parts, is currently offering a variety of CNC spare parts for machine-tools at attractive prices.

Mobile Internet Usage Doubled: Is Your Business Ready to Capture Mobile Customers?

2014-03-11 | Businesses are losing potential clients by failing to recognize the importance of a responsive website.

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Respresso -- The New Drink For Coffee Drinkers Everywhere

2014-03-11 | Life Made Better has produced a product so convenient for coffee lovers everywhere, you'll never go back to regular coffee again!

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The Dentists in Atlanta at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry Share Five Secrets to Whiter Teeth

2014-03-11 | The Atlanta dentists at Downtown Atlanta Dentistry offer tips to get that perfect set of pearly whites.

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Los Angeles Area Woodbury University President, Dr. Luis Calingo, Challenges President Obama's Proposed College Rating Plan That Could Limit Education Instead of Opening Access To Deserving Students

2014-03-11 | Is President Obama's Post Secondary Ratings System (PIRS) a government initiative that will do more harm than good? Dr. Luis Calingo offers thought-provoking points on higher education "best value" and what that means to future students.

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PinkKiwi Clothing Created by Technology

2014-03-11 | Newly developed sun protective clothing made by PinkKiwi.

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Shea Holbrook Won the Long Beach Grand Prix

2014-03-11 | Shea Holbrook celebrates more than five years with Shea Racing

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Edith Croteau Honored for Accomplishments in Personal Development

2014-03-11 | Ms. Croteau aims to create a legacy with her information and her contribution in the world

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Vick Aggarwala is Recognized for Invaluable Contributions to the Electronics Industry

2014-03-11 | Vick Aggarwala helms Supreme Components International Pte Ltd: "Strives to provide exemplary quality products, world-class service and competitive pricing to all our customers globally"

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Steffan Rygaard Honored for Accomplishments in Contact Lens Brands

2014-03-11 | Mr. Rygaard spearheaded online cost-effective optical solutions

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Ulrike Reimann Honored for Accomplishments in Advocacy for Educators

2014-03-11 | Ms. Reimann sets communication strategy for the European University Association

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Florian Aigrain Honored for Accomplishments in Investments

2014-03-11 | Mr. Aigrain is President of FPXA Holdings AG

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Runaway Amish: The Great Escape

2014-03-11 | A story for everyone: Emma Gingerich's memoir.

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Intelligize Names Todd Hicks as Chief Executive Officer

2014-03-11 | Company strengthens its Executive Management Team.

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Diamond Approach Co-founders to Host "The Tantra of Everyday Life" Retreat

2014-03-11 | Diamond Approach cofounders, A. H. Almaas and Karen Johnson, will present 'The Tantra of Everyday Life' May 21 - 25, 2014 in Maui, Hawaii. The 5-day retreat will be simulcast to Ridhwan Centers in Berkeley, CA and Boulder, CO.

Berman Fink Van Horn P.C. Names New Principals, Adds Associate

2014-03-11 | Neal Weinrich, Kristin Zielmanski named Principal, Michelle Marchiony joins as Associate.