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February 08, 2015

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Bicycle US Presidents Playing Cards Featuring all 44 US Presidents and 4 First Ladies for Each of the Queens. All Original Hand Drawn Art Work

2015-02-08 | "America", synonymous with "liberty" and young enough to fit all 44 of its leaders in one deck of playing cards. Printed by The United States Playing Card Company. Featuring a Red Republican or Blue Democrat packaging + a limited embossed case.

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Marketing Must Be Personal Warns Emie Marketing

2015-02-08 | Following the recent report that showed an alarming 38% of marketers do not personalise, Emie Marketing outline their top four reasons of why marketing strategies should be personal.

ShinWa Marketing: Social Media is a Waste of Time for Marketers

2015-02-08 | Social media isn't a necessary tool for marketers, claims ShinWa Marketing. The firm, who specializes in face-to-face marketing, reviews the benefits of direct marketing methods that social media simply cannot compete with.

New Consumer Pressure Washer Comparison Website to Help You Choose the Best Pressure Washer

2015-02-08 | This independent pressure washer comparison website will help you find the best pressure washer for your money!

Nunan Florist Offers Unique Valentine's Day Arrangements in Georgetown, MA

2015-02-08 | Georgetown, Massachusetts florist is pleased to announce exclusive floral arrangements for Valentine's Day.

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Co-Creating with Your Shadow: Part 2 on February 10 "Why Shamanism Now?" with Host Christina Pratt

2015-02-08 | On the next episode of "Why Shamanism Now? A Practical Path to Authenticity", host Christina Pratt continues her conversation about working with our Shadow and Spirit in conjunction in order to find our true selves and bring our gifts to the world.

Hebert Research Selected To Lead The Nation's Top Food Trend

2015-02-08 | Forbes reported "this All-American meat is gaining popularity beyond its traditional home on the range."

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort Offering Costa Rica Resort Packages

2015-02-08 | All-inclusive hotel/restaurant/bar deals geared towards couples or families seeking romance, adventure or "jungle tourism."

We-Inspire Announces National Business Expansion

2015-02-08 | Large screen digital collaboration solutions to be sold by leading audio visual systems integrators and interior design specialists