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May 20, 2015

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I Sprint for Exercise: NASA's iRAT Study

2015-05-20 | Run far or run fast? NASA investigates with latest study

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OPALS Boosts Space-to-Ground Optical Communications Research

2015-05-20 | NASA's Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) on the space station beams packets of information using lasers, which sends data at a faster rate compared with transmission by radio waves.

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Matt Bierman Appointed Dealer Development Manager at Battery Handling Systems, Inc.

2015-05-20 | Battery Handling Systems, Inc. Appoints Matt Bierman to New Position of Dealer Development Manager

The Same Type of Stock Market Metrics Now Available to the Real Estate Market

2015-05-20 | Stocks market green and red signals now available for the real estate industry through innovative mobile application for Android and iPhone.

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Santiago, the New "It Dog" Celebrates One Hundred Thousand Likes by Saving Homeless Pets

2015-05-20 | Santiago, the Old English Sheepdog, averages 150 new Facebook page likes per hour

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Horizon Realty Group Continues to Expand Service with Everywhere Wireless' Gigabit+ Network

2015-05-20 | Everywhere Wireless' Gigabit+ Network provides Internet to Horizon Realty Group's fourth and fifth properties, including Sheridan Plaza and The Renaissance

Business Worldwide Magazine Announces Winners of M&A Awards 2015

2015-05-20 | Recognising the Best with Business Worldwide Magazine

Police Charge 10-Year-Old Fort Worth Boy in Beating Death of Dog

2015-05-20 | Supporters of Justice for Cookie Asked to Call Local Prosecutor Riley Shaw to Urge Case Be Pursued

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Craig the Barber Launches New Consumer Service Poised to Change The Face of Grooming and Barbering

2015-05-20 | Celebrity Groomer Introduces Virtual Face Shape Consultation & Report That Will Ensure The Ultimate Haircut And Style Every Time

Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Detail the Filing Process for Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy

2015-05-20 | Increase your chances of a successful bankruptcy filing by knowing which type of protection you should seek, advise the trusted Tampa bankruptcy experts.

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Knoxville Attorneys Clark and Washington Explain Disability Benefits and Bankruptcy

2015-05-20 | State laws and the source of your disability payment determine whether or not it is exempt from your bankruptcy case, says this noted Knoxville bankruptcy lawyer.

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Nashville Attorneys Clark & Washington Break Down Bankruptcy in a Step-by-Step Guide

2015-05-20 | With the expert advice of the Nashville bankruptcy lawyers at Clark & Washington, your bankruptcy filing stands a better chance of succeeding.

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Beverly Hills Invisalign Dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, Provides Consultations for Invisalign Treatments

2015-05-20 | Dr. Kevin Sands is now offering consultations for Invisalign treatment. As a leading provider in the Los Angeles dentistry field, Dr. Sands is known for his keen eye and personalized approach to improving the appearance and oral health of patients.

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Fernando D. Vargas Honored for Excellence as a Legal Professional

2015-05-20 | Mr. Vargas represents clients in claims involving death, catastrophic and other severe injuries

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Dan Brooks Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Executive Training

2015-05-20 | Mr. Brooks enables businesses to effectively communicate across all levels of organizations

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Allen Greenbaum, MD, Honored for 31 Years of Excellence in Ophthalmology

2015-05-20 | Dr. Greenbaum is one of New York's most respected ophthalmologists

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Quantum Spirituality Author T. Lee Baumann Initiates Audiobook Releases of his Bestsellers

2015-05-20 | Books that are currently available in audio format include God at the Speed of Light, The Search for Divine Justice, and Nondenominational Quantum Spirituality Lay Manual for Hospice Patients and their Families

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Barton Consulting Group Reviews How Technology has Impacted Wages Over the Last 200 Years

2015-05-20 | Specialists in traditional face-to-face marketing methods, Barton Consulting Group reviews the impact the evolution of technology has had on wages in the last 200 years.

Apollo Enterprise Inc.: 5 Essential Ingredients to Creating a Good Business

2015-05-20 | We all think we know what makes a good business, and so we often forget about the basic foundations, claims Apollo Enterprise Inc. The firm goes back to the beginning and highlights the five requirements to creating a successful business.

AusCorp Connect Hit Back Against Claims that suggest Sydney is Not a Great City for Business

2015-05-20 | A report emerged this week suggesting that Sydney is a great place to visit, but not to do business. Local business AusCorp Connect voices their disagreement, and attributes Sydney for their recent success to date.