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March 28, 2016

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New And Free Online Service That Can Help Millions Of Consumers Seeking Information on Freon Leak, R22, Air Purification and Cooling

2016-03-28 | Did you know that 50,000,000 million Americans suffers from allergies each year.

Torrance Sleep Apnea Doctor, Dr. Paul Kim, Now Offers Complimentary Consultations for Sleep Apnea

2016-03-28 | Dr. Kim is now offering complimentary consultations for sleep apnea, a disorder that more than a quarter of Americans from the ages of thirty to seventy suffer from.

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Kirsty Chapman Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Music Education

2016-03-28 | Ms. Chapman is a member of the Victorian Institute of teaching, the Association of Music Educators, and is an associate of the Yamaha Music Foundation, Australia

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Lignum-Vitae to Sponsor Center Stage at WorkBoat Maintenance & Repair Conference and Expo

2016-03-28 | The 2016 WorkBoat Maintenance & Repair Conference and Expo Center Stage, which will host the keynote address, featured presentations and hands-on workshops, will be sponsored by Lignum-Vitae. The show is set for New Orleans from April 12-14.

Art Market's Exclusive Interview with Renowned Artist Jeff Koons - The First of Many Future Exclusives

2016-03-28 | Art Market Magazine has seen a continual rise in popularity since its inception almost two years ago. Today we are happy to announce one of our biggest interviews to date, featuring none other than Jeff Koons.

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New Podcast Series, "The DocPreneur," Launches Today With Behind-the-Scenes Stories About Concierge Medicine

2016-03-28 | Biweekly Podcast All about Concierge Medicine Debuts with "How Interior Design Contributes to Doctors' Financial Health" Episode

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Outsource Australia Enjoy Australian Grand Prix

2016-03-28 | Sales and marketing firm, Outsource Australia enjoyed their Australian Grand Prix experience and were lucky enough to have the event hosted just outside their headquarters.

Paragon Worldwide Host Workshop on How to 'Think Like a Winner'

2016-03-28 | In a bid to inspire their contractors to be the best in the business, Paragon Worldwide recently hosted a workshop on how to think like a winner. Here the firm have shared the key points they discussed.

The Switch Evolution Thrilled That Female Entrepreneurship Continues to Soar

2016-03-28 | The Switch Evolution have spoken up about female entrepreneurship, and outlined just some of the opportunities available for women within the sales and marketing industry.

Executive Touch Worldwide Plans for Expansion to Chicago

2016-03-28 | Sales and marketing firm Executive Touch Worldwide are putting the final plans in place for their expansion to Chicago, which they believe will be a huge success, increasing borh results and market reach for the firm.

Zengo & Co Highlight Forbes 30 Under 30 Top 5

2016-03-28 | Advocates of entrepreneurship, Zengo & Co, have reviewed the top 5 30 under 30s from the prestigious Forbes list and highlighted why age is just a number when it comes to following your dreams.

Genesis Business Partnership Reveal 4 Methods for Improving Customer Acquisition

2016-03-28 | With 2016 set to be a year of widespread expansion for small businesses, Genesis Business Partnership have revealed their secrets to increasing customer acquisition, so that small businesses can secure the resources needed to grow their brand.

Mediumship As A Doorway To Christ: Pat Chalfant Announces Mediumship Video Series On YouTube

2016-03-28 | Oregon Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant's amazing psychic gifts have helped hundreds of individuals worldwide. She is the author of 'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship'

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Golden Shovel Agency Welcomes Stevie Field-Chavez as Vice President of Business Development

2016-03-28 | Stevie Field-Chavez joins the Golden Shovel Team as Vice President of Business Development

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30A Television Launches "Life at The Beach" TV Show Featuring Florida Scenic 30A Corridor

2016-03-28 | Katy Lingle approached 30a TV in February with the idea of presenting real estate and beach lifestyle living, and filming began shortly thereafter.

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Memphis Rock Band 'The Clay Markley Crisis' Releases New Music, With Debut Album Expected May '16

2016-03-28 | Rock/Alternative band The Clay Markley Crisis releases two new singles and is set to release their debut album "Ultra Sound".

Ventura College Foundation Board Expands

2016-03-28 | New member brings extensive financial experience and dedicated community outreach.