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April 29, 2016

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Kangaroo Brands Introduces Naan

2016-04-29 | Expanding product line of Kangaroo Breads with Tandoori-Style Naan

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First Quarter Market Review

2016-04-29 |  Sloy, Dahl & Holst, Inc. releases its review of the first quarter of 2016.

Mesothelioma Compensation Center Now Urges a Diagnosed Person with Mesothelioma to Call Them about Their Challenge-Call Them for Instant Access the Best Lawyers for Better Results

2016-04-29 | The Mesothelioma Compensation Center says, "We are urging a diagnosed person with mesothelioma or their family members to call us anytime at 866-714-6466 to ensure they really are talking to the nation's top mesothelioma attorneys."

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Ginny's Gift Seeks Grant Applicants for Applied Education Programs in Epilepsy, Autism and Fab Lab

2016-04-29 | Applications accepted May 6 to July 15 with awards announced on September 11

Good Celebrity Discusses the Mission of New Directions for Youth with "Hot Bench" Star Larry Bakman

2016-04-29 | Good Celebrity investigates the direct impact of gang violence on Los Angeles youth and their families.

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Brent G. Forsyth Named a VIP Member of Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Business Operations

2016-04-29 | Brent G. Forsyth adeptly directs operations for SCI Logistics

Trisha Lynette Dunning, AM, Ph.D., Named a Professional of the Year by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Nursing

2016-04-29 | Professor Dunning became involved in nursing to care for and educate people to improve their health and wellbeing

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Douglas Auborn Recognized for Food Service Excellence

2016-04-29 | Mr. Auborn has been honored as a VIP Member by Worldwide Branding

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ALFI Records Celebrates the Magic of Movie Themes on Dreamtime

2016-04-29 | New CD by Label Founder Albare to be Released on May 6

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Fantasy Fiction Author Laura Hughes Announces YouTube Channel For Inspirational Book Series For Teens, 'The Sara Chronicles'

2016-04-29 | Laura Hughes produces engaging works of fantasy fiction set against a backdrop of magical worlds and richly drawn characters that teach young people to develop determination and the ability to overcome challenges

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Are You Focusing on The Right Things? Asks Executive Touch Worldwide

2016-04-29 | "If you're struggling to make progress in your professional life, chances are you may be focusing on the wrong things," explains Executive Touch Worldwide. The firm has offered their advice to help professionals prioritize what's important.

The White Label Firm Reviews 5 Ways to Improve your Emotional Intelligence

2016-04-29 | Experts in outsourced sales and marketing The White Label Firm reviews five fundamental ways people can sharpen their emotional intelligence - a key indicator for success in both business and personal lives.

How to Survive Martial Law: Prepper Gurus Agree With Matthew 24, Says Expert Richard Ruhling

2016-04-29 | Dr. Richard Ruhling is an expert on Biblical prophecy and is the author of 'The Alpha & Omega Bible Code'

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Central Ohio Bug Extermination Strengthens Fight Against Bed Bugs

2016-04-29 | Renewed focus on bed bug extermination to address state's growing problem

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Chicagoland Roofing Company Offers Various Roofing Options for Springtime Renovations

2016-04-29 | is offering a variety of unique roofing options for all of Chicagoland's spring renovation needs.

Insurance Marketing Agencies Inc. to Participate in Central Mass Heart Walk

2016-04-29 | Central Mass Heart Walk hosted by the American Heart Association

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Ranktab Featured In New Cisco Digital Workforce Trends Case Study

2016-04-29 | Case study showcases how companies can pursue digital transformation in the area of employee feedback and decision-making.

Tax Controversy Attorney Philip Karter to Present at TEI Audits & Appeals Seminar

2016-04-29 | Chamberlain Hrdlicka lawyers to co-present at Tax Executives Institute 2016 Audits & Appeals Seminar

Hurix Gets Global Recognition As 2016 Training Outsourcing Watch List Company

2016-04-29 | Secures position in global watch list of training outsourcing companies second year in a row