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May 25, 2016

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CV Authorization Launches the Solution of Automatic Employment Verification

2016-05-25 | 2016, CV Authorization is excited to launch their new web platform that let the applicants do the background check for the employer without spending unnecessary resources of expensive investigations.

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IBM Opens Education Collaboration Center on NC State's Centennial Campus

2016-05-25 | Center will facilitate joint collaborations between IBM experts, NC State faculty and students on multiple projects using IBM's complete portfolio of products and services, including Watson, IoT, blockchain and security.

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Rapid City Medical Center Welcomes the Newest FDA-Cleared Breakthrough in Women's Health Treatments

2016-05-25 | Innovative Laser Procedure, MonaLisa Touch, Restores Gynecologic Health

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Easier Patient Feedback and Accountability

2016-05-25 | improves patient surveys and website tools

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Comprehending New Camp Care Package Policies

2016-05-25 | Understanding why summer camps are tightening care package restrictions makes it easier to avoid a returned package!

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Ventana Research Announces the 2016 Business Technology Leadership Awards

2016-05-25 | Annual invitation for nominations recognizing leadership across business and IT in use of technology

AVID Technical Resources Announces the Opening of Dallas, TX Office

2016-05-25 | Dallas is the Company's 10th Office

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Future of Practice Partner Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software to be Addressed at Aldridge Health Annual Conference

2016-05-25 | All Practice Partner users welcome to hear e-MD's road map for the future of Practice Partner.

Celebrate Father's Day with Brunch and Dinner at Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook

2016-05-25 | Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Treat Dad to a family celebration and delicious brunch buffet from 10 am to 2 pm on Sunday, June 19 at Prairie Grass Cafe (601 Skokie Blvd.; Northbrook, IL; 847-205-4433).

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Times up, They're back!

2016-05-25 | What's the cost for negotiating with extra-terrestrials? Your life!

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Margaret K. Mazzola-Nielsen, MPA, CMT Recognized for Excellence in Health Care Administration

2016-05-25 | Margaret Mazzola-Nielsen served as a health care administrator for more than two decades

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Samir Awdi Recognized as a VIP Member by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Information Technology and Services

2016-05-25 | 4S International provides higher education with complete and strategic solutions

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Derek W. Balay Named a VIP Member for Excellence in Information Technology and Services

2016-05-25 | Derek W. Balay was a President's Excellence Award nominee in 2015 and 2016.

MySignageNow Offers Full-Feature Digital Signage Player and Cloud Software for $99

2016-05-25 | Whether businesses want to do it themselves or want a hands-off approach, MySignageNow eliminates the complicated and expensive barriers businesses encounter when they explore digital signage.

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UKAUS Pty: The Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship

2016-05-25 | From the outside, being an entrepreneur may seem like a dream job - providing people with the opportunity to choose their own hours and salary. However the realities and challenges are often overlooked.

Outsourcing is Vital to Growth States The Plato Group

2016-05-25 | With Zurich's SME Risk Index indicating that risk is at its highest level in 2 years for SMEs, The Plato Group have revealed why outsourcing is vital to securing steady business growth.

1st Line Global - Why You Should be Doing the Impossible!

2016-05-25 | Sales and marketing firm, 1st Line Global outlines how nothing is impossible with the right mind-set for success.

Outsource Australia Reveal the Importance of Mastering Your Craft

2016-05-25 | Melbourne-based sales firm, Outsource Australia have revealed the importance of taking the time to master a craft