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June 16, 2005

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FotoFlix Aims to Change How Bloggers Blog Their Photos

2005-06-16 | FotoFlix joins the two most powerful communication tools and puts them in the hands of bloggers. A Flix lets bloggers publish rich content including photos and audio directly to their blog.

Patriotic Songs: The G-Man Reveals Surprising Secrets About The Top Flag-Waving Tunes of All Time

2005-06-16 | Some of America's best-loved music wasn't written in this country. Two different songs were considered to be the national anthem. One flag-waving tune took 20 years to compose. In an article available for use online and in print, Scott G (recording artist The G-Man) reveals some surprising facts.

Most Internet Business Entrepreneurs Lack Both the Funding, and Proper Planning Needed to Last as a Business

2005-06-16 | Commentary on the two most prevalent problems Internet business entrepreneurs face, namely, lack of funding and planning. This press release announces a new product designed by four small business consultants. the product is essentially a combo small business funding report/ internet business planning software.