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July 11, 2005

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Terrorism, Fear, Mergers, Downsizing, Layoff's, Unemployment... Should You Start Your Own Business?

2005-07-11 | Too many people don't plan ahead for the possibility of financial setbacks, problems or adversity. The consequences of this can be devestating for some. Here is a plan to consider...

What Every Elegant Wedding Reception Needs: Your Personal Guide to Having a Wonderful Event

2005-07-11 | New book offers valuable advice to the bride and her master of ceremonies.

Skweezer Nominated for Pocket PC Magazine's Best Software of 2005 Awards

2005-07-11 | Skweezer is nominated in both Pocket PC and Smartphone categories.

Nursing graduate to continue legacy of saving infants

2005-07-11 | After sharing his home and his parents with over 200 infants throughout the course of his childhood and teenage life, Chidi Anyanwu plans to carry on his parents' legacy of saving infants and meeting the needs of Africa's Eziama community