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January 23, 2006

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Entrepreneurial kids at myRoomBud expand Roomba RoomBud costume line and distribution for 2006

2006-01-23 | Additional RoomBud costumes for iRobot Roombas and the expanded distribution on kicks off 2006 for myRoomBud

Makeup University Inc new makeup studio opens in Mesa Arizona

2006-01-23 | Secrets of Bridal Makeup and Anti Aging color face lift workshops are first of many offered at the studio.

ProTrader Mobile from PFSoft transforms Pocket PC to the Trading Terminal for Forex market.

2006-01-23 | PFSoft Company is proudly presents the release of the new client terminal for ProTrader, the information and trading platform for Forex, which is fully compatible with Windows Mobile/Pocket PC.

[b] [i] EXCITING NEWS [/i] [/b] [b]PICK UP PINE CONES WITH NEW INVENTION [i]Until now there has been no easy way to pickup pine cones. Introducing CONE-I-VORE the amazing lawn tool that allows you to pick up pinecones quickly and easily![/i][/b]

2006-01-23 | Debra saw potential and a need for a tool to pick up pinecones. Pine trees were everywhere. She knew beyond a doubt that her idea must become an invention! She invented the CONEIVORE so she would never again have to bend over to pick up pine cones. Rolls Out New Commercial Account Benefits

2006-01-23 | announces its newest program for our commercial customers. The Commercial Customer Incentive Program has many benefits for those working in the home building, remodeling, or decorating industries.

New Web Services Increase Profits and Rescue Classified Advertising for Newsprint Industry in Death Spiral

2006-01-23 | BuyLookSell, Inc. released seven new web services enabling the newspaper industry to rapidly expand their existing classified advertising business. The services are provided with no up-front costs and benefit the publishing, automotive, insurance, finance, employment and real estate industries.