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April 05, 2006

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BACS Payment Schemes Limited confirms Eiger Systems as UK leader in payment processing

2006-04-05 | Eiger Systems processes more electronic transactions than any other BACSTEL-IP software provider. Industry figures confirm that Eiger Systems processed over 4.35m (33.8%) electronic transactions daily throughout December 2005.

Penguin to publish Victoria Beckham's new book fashion, style and beauty bible

2006-04-05 | Penguin are set to publish Victoria Beckham's new book fashion, style and beauty bible, That Extra Half an Inch

How bidding on a major GLBT web business can help advocacy groups

2006-04-05 | Defining Presence Marketing Group (DPMG) will auction, a major web property with enormous development potential to help benefit two non-profit organizations and contribute to their work as advocates for the GLBT community.

Eli Lilly withheld disastrous effects of Strattera from parents and children

2006-04-05 | The wording of the parent and children information in an ongoing clinical trial of Strattera has been revealed. Eli Lilly withheld the drug's disastrous effects in order to get children to participate in the study.

Latin-Pak Electronica: A New Realm

2006-04-05 | Latin-Pak is entering the new realm of electronic relationship marketing with Latin-Pak Electronica.

Kiss Your Cheap Body Jewelry Goodbye! World Body Jewelry Offers Industrial Strength Body Jewelry at Discount Prices.

2006-04-05 | World Body Jewelry, the Internet's biggest online shop for body jewelry, is excited to announce its expansion of body jewelry products to include even more industrial strength body jewelry than ever before - all at discount prices!

Free Course Spotlights Online Fraud

2006-04-05 | A free online course will examine the growing epidemic of online fraud and help educate users on how to avoid becoming victims of cybercrime.