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July 23, 2007

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Social networking site for creatives launches improved site.

2007-07-23 | Oddpodz, the global nation for creatives pushed live a new and improved site to better serve it citizens. The Creative Class represents 1/3 of the US workforce and 150 million people worldwide.

eWayDirect announces upcoming webinar introducing BlueLens Franchise Group

2007-07-23 | Webinar on Wednesday, August 1 will share information on upcoming business opportunities being offered through eWayDirect's new franchise division, BlueLens Franchise Group.


2007-07-23 | Tennessee Ernie Ford Enterprises has agreed to license music recordings and video clips of the classic Ernie Ford television show to ONE SPECIAL DREAM. The online video studio will synchronize music to customers personal media content to produce personalized dvd presentations.

ONE MAN, ONE MISSION, 3000 MILES - WALK TO END THE WARS Bill McDannell, a Vietnam Era Veteran, Walks Across the United States to End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

2007-07-23 | As Congress continues to debate how, when, and even if the United States should withdraw troops from Iraq, one man has already taken matters into his own hands.

Designer versus Replica

2007-07-23 | All women want to own a designer handbag. As all the stars and famous people do, they too want to look fashionable. Owning a leather handbag by a famous designer is a dream for almost every woman.

Victoria Beckham's Posh Vegan Spice Girl Diet on Trial by Nutritionist

2007-07-23 | London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston looks at Victoria Beckham's Posh Spice Girl weight loss diet program and weighs it up against expert weight loss know how. Are seaweed shakes for wackos or weightwatchers?

Free Credit Counseling Services offering mutiple debt solutions begin to take there place in the Credit Counseling arena.

2007-07-23 | American Debt Enders is a free counseling service available to anyone oppressed by debt that needs help in dealing with there debt problem. Because no two people's debt problems are exactly alike we focus on offering multiple debt solutions in our counseling sessions.