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July 13, 2008

9 total news stories found. Provides Immediate Support for the Apple iPhone 3G

2008-07-13 | Leading hosted Exchange provider,, enables users to dramatically increase corporate productivity with the new Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync-enabled iPhone 3G and's hosted Exchange Server

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Intrepid Travel Announces China Adventure Trips Accommodating Olympic Travelers

2008-07-13 | Intrepid Travel offers real life experiences accommodating Olympic travelers. - Worldwide Home Exchange Network Ends Free Membership Phase

2008-07-13 | With great success will end its free trial membership in the next couple of weeks. Since its launch earlier last year, more than 2500 members in 70 countries have registered with the home exchange club.

Global Pharmaceutical Solutions and Cooper Green Mercy Hospital Finalize Implementation of an Unbundled Pharmacy Administration Solution

2008-07-13 | Global Pharmaceutical Solutions today announced that it has finalized the implementation of an unbundled pharmacy administration service model for Jefferson County/Cooper Green Mercy Hospital.

Easy Access, Capacity, and Security Combine in New Rainier Bike Rack

2008-07-13 | is proud to announce the release of the new StowAway2 Rainier Bike Rack.

Health Care Crisis Looms For Baby Boomers: Time to Integrate Natural Solutions.

2008-07-13 | U.S. faces an impending health care crisis according to newly released (April 14, 2008) Institute of Medicine report, 'Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce.'

Affirmagy Products Wrap Up Customers in Love, Joy and Peace.

2008-07-13 | Affirmagy is a Seattle based company that creates products that spread joy. Find out why these personal size blankets, called Affirmawraps, have gained national attention in 2008.

Could Your Teeth Be Toxic?

2008-07-13 | When most of us think of toxins, we think of the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the products we use on a daily basis. But did you know that metal fillings in your mouth could be giving off potentially dangerous mercury vapor?


2008-07-13 | Free website integrates with online patient portal: Enables patients to request prescription refills and appointments securely over the web.