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October 03, 2008

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Benefits of Home Bleaching

2008-10-03 | Home bleaching offers an affordable alternative to bleaching treatments in your dentist's office. Your dentist will tell you which teeth whitening methods are the best for your teeth.

LASIK Vision Correction Complications

2008-10-03 | LASIK vision correction is no different than any other surgical procedure. There are complications associated with it and, like all well-informed people, you should be aware of them before you decide to proceed.

Breast Augmentation and Body Type

2008-10-03 | Choosing the type of breast implant for your body is ultimately up to you and your cosmetic surgeon's recommendation. However, some of this may depend on your body type.

What, Exactly, is a Smile Makeover?

2008-10-03 | A smile makeover is a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures, carefully selected and customized to work together for your unique dental needs. The end result is a beautiful, flawless smile that is healthy, functional, and comfortable.

Truck Accidents

2008-10-03 | These big, sometimes beautiful, trucks can wreak havoc if they aren't kept in top condition, if the driver isn't rested enough or if the trucks are improperly loaded.

Procedure Post-Op Care Tips

2008-10-03 | Many people have the mistaken impression that cosmetic surgery is not real surgery at all. Since the procedures are often not medically necessary in most cases, they are perceived to be lower risk. However, that is not the case.

Latin-Pak Announces its Membership to The National Minority Supplier Development Council

2008-10-03 | Latin-Pak, the premier Hispanic Direct Marketing Company since 1996 confirms today its recently approved membership to the National Minority Supplier Development Council.