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October 06, 2008

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Gregg & Valby Unveils Mortgage Fulfillment Solutions for Banks

2008-10-06 | Gregg & Valby Mortgage Services is a transactional cost alternative for community banks, mortgage bankers, and credit unions to increase their loan closing capacity while reducing risk, errors, and overhead costs.

EMI Published Composer Bryan Le Bon Discovers Healing Through Music

2008-10-06 | Bryan Le Bon has discovered how music can alter the brain's thought processes to promote healing. Le Bon's music uses the "law of vibration" through musical tones and tempos to change the vibrations of one's thoughts. By changing a thought's vibration, physical and mental healing is promoted.

Economic Crisis Spurs Global Expansion

2008-10-06 | With US markets dropping at astonishing rates, expanding to foreign markets has never been more important. 2000Charge offers alternative billing solutions aimed at converting customers from Europe and other parts of the world where credit cards are not the dominant form of payment. Signs Letter of Intent with EthoStream

2008-10-06 | ReelTime Rentals, Inc. (OTCPK: RLTR) announced that is has signed a letter of intent to enter into a cooperative marketing agreement with EthoStream, LLC, offering EthoStream's hospitality customers access to ReelTime's streaming movie and rental service.

Online Auction to Benefit Hollywood For Habitat For Humanity and Habitat For Humanity of Greater Los Angeles Launches Today

2008-10-06 | Today, a special ebay auction begins to benefit Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity, the entertainment division of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles. 100% of proceeds go toward building affordable homes. Includes items donated by Carrie Underwood, Linkin Park, Jon Bon Jovi and more.

Salugen Acquired by Swiss Investment Group Sherbrooke Equity (FRA: S59) and Becomes Salugen AG

2008-10-06 | Early stage nutrigenomics company, Salugen, is acquired by Swiss Investment Group

U.S. Military Bases Have Discovered Instant Messaging Devices With Quick Impact!

2008-10-06 | Terrorists alerts, DHS's National Threat Advisory levels, time sensitive instructions and messages to Base personnel and the public are displayed in a timely manner with eye catching impact.