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October 07, 2008

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The Offshore Group Hosts 14th Annual Manufacturing in Mexico Summit

2008-10-07 | The Offshore Group is accepting registrations for its 14th Annual Manufacturing in Mexico Summit

Alicia Piller - "There Will Be Life After Death" Solo Oil Painting/Mixed Media Exhibition

2008-10-07 | Oil paintings, wall-hangings made from suede and beads & pen/ink drawings, created by Alicia Piller will be displayed at Harriet's Alter Ego in Brooklyn for the month of November, (Opening event on Saturday, November 8, 2008, 6-9 p.m.)

RoboCrib Line of Dispensing Machines Exclusive to AutoCrib

2008-10-07 | AutoCrib Ends Contract with WinWare

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Clarke Auction - From Old Masters to Midcentury Modern - Monday, October 13, 2008

2008-10-07 | Clarke celebrates its Tenth Anniversary with 40 Old Master paintings; Spanish Colonial art and sculpture; 18th-19th Century Furniture; Midcentury Modern Including Probber, Silkeborg, Eames, Stuart, Jensen; Decorator Pieces, Bronzes, Fine Art, Carpets, Sterling and more.

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Brain Damage from Sleep Apnea in Young and Old Causes Changes in Brain Functioning, Poor Sleep and Short Sleep. The Majority of Sleep Apnea Patients Do Not Use Their CPAP. I HATE CPAP! offers help at WWW.IHATECPAP.COM

2008-10-07 | Multiple studies have shown changes in learning and cognitive function related to sleep apnea. Eighty percent of ADD and ADHD in children is linked to sleep apnea. Short term memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, dementia and altzheimers are all linked to untreated sleep apnea.