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December 15, 2008

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Enable Microsoft Single View Platform with Visual Fusion Suite

2008-12-15 | IDV Solutions and Microsoft announce Visual Fusion Suite as an important extension for government customers that adopt Microsoft's new Single View Platform

Breakthrough Management Group International to Host Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course in Prague

2008-12-15 | Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course offers comprehensive and challenging training that builds successful practitioners

MegaNudge Entertainment Launches Arcade Game Snowball Runner On The Apple App Store

2008-12-15 | Snowball Runner is an addicting, visually stimulating tilting game for the iPhone/iTouch, capable of rendering up to 100 animated characters simultaneously in real-time.

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New Product Concept/ Patent Pending/ Invention Name: Helpful Hand Stand

2008-12-15 | Available for Sale or Licensing:

Natural Solution To Stress and Increased Energy

2008-12-15 | Through the daily use of VIV you will be relieved of all forms of stress and your natural energy will return, leaving you feeling more calm and youthful, better able to deal with the many stressors of a busy lifestyle.

Explore with Urgency this Heartbreaking Expose' into the Short-lived, Horrifying Existence of our Animal Friends. Dare to Confront and Challenge a Worldwide Compassion Deplenished Mindset

2008-12-15 | This passionate young author and animal rights advocate has created a virtual handbook on behalf of all the tortured, abused and forgotten animals on our planet. Your heart will break but will rebound with a new level of conviction and compassion.