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December 28, 2008

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Glass Art Commissions Take Flight At American Eagle's Corporate Headquarters

2008-12-28 | Glass sculptors Kathleen Mulcahy and Ron Desmett unveil latest glass art commissions titled "Migration," a stable installation of blown glass birds attached to swirling lines of stainless steel, installed at American Eagle's corporate headquarters.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities Abundant for Stay-At-Home Moms

2008-12-28 | In-genius marketing system that takes the "selling" out of marketing. Real earning potential for anyone wanting to work form home. No vitamins or superdrinks. One product, one mission. Be there for family and independent of someone else's schedule.

Energy Partners Chile Ltd. Has Signed a Contract With Gold Star Biofuels to Deliver Biodiesel for Generating Clean Electricity for Chile

2008-12-28 | Oil from jatropha trees grown in Chile will be refined and used in local communities.

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