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January 14, 2009

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Renowned Qingdao Symphony Orchestra to Join the Choral Arts Society for Chinese New Year Concert -- Single Performance at the Kennedy Center February 1

2009-01-14 | The Choral Arts Society and China's renowned Qingdao Symphony Orchestra perform together at the Kennedy Center on February 1 in celebration of the Chinese New Year

Next Generation Management Agency for Tennis Pros Now Online and Ready to Serve

2009-01-14 | Launches Revolutionary Online Service

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Renowned Qingdao Symphony Orchestra to Join the New York Choral Society for Chinese New Year Concert -- Single Performance at Carnegie Hall January 26

2009-01-14 | The New York Choral Society and China's renowned Qingdao Symphony Orchestra perform together at Carnegie Hall on January 26 in celebration of the Chinese New Year

The Harley Medical Group Reports UK Employers Offering Botox Leave

2009-01-14 | The Harley Medical Group reveals UK employers are beginning to offer staff botox leave to prep for parties

The Two Hottest Things in America: Cupcakes & Obama T-shirts Released

2009-01-14 | launches Cupcakes and Politics apparel line & releases limited edition inauguration t-shirts

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Oregon Beach Vacations Adds Online Video Community and Blog

2009-01-14 | Oregon Beach Vacations, the leader in vacation rentals along Oregon's magnificent coastline, has recently added an interactive video community and blog to their website:

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Local Barber Gets Children's Book on 'Real World Issues' Published after 30 Years of Work

2009-01-14 | Hermy heard of wondrous places in the world. Mountains, trees, valleys, cities . . . all sound enticing, yet scary, especially when you never left your own backyard. Yet the lure of the unknown remains. Join Hermy, the little hermit, as he sets off on his journey of exploration to a strange land.

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Gamercize gets Kids Moving in the Philippines

2009-01-14 | Game Gym's Exergaming Zone is the first kids' interactive gym in the Philippines, making fitness fun for children of all ages by using video games for exercise.

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SDS Productions Releases - the Rainbow Lit the Nite (c) 2009

2009-01-14 | SDS Productions, an independent music production and presentation company based in Louisville, KY announces the release of their latest inspirational song - "the Rainbow Lit the Nite" - celebrating and honoring the historic election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the U.S.A.

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Leading Debtor Tracing Company Joins DBSG

2009-01-14 | Tracesmart now a member of the Debt Buyers and Sellers Group

Avista Solutions Welcomes John Kenny to its Team as Western Region Sales Executive

2009-01-14 | Kenny's wealth of expertise, experience will provide Avista Solutions with continued success and growth as the company increases its business in the Western United States Reaches New Milestone - 50 Local Guides and 100 Tours

2009-01-14 | Take in a soccer game with a local Brazilian, see the Northern Lights with an Icelander or visit a traditional Russian village northeast of Moscow. Just some of the many tours offered.

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New Book Brings Hope to Families of Children with Down Syndrome

2009-01-14 | Qadoshyah Fish, a sister to a boy with Down syndrome felt moved to help other individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do, was written to share positive and truthful information about Down syndrome with families, doctors, and other professionals.

Psychologist & Relationship Coach Offers Unique, FREE Service for Couples Who Want to Take Control of Their Marriage/Relationship

2009-01-14 | In the past, couples had to wait for serious marriage problems or relationship trouble to develop or they had to be on the verge of divorce before getting relationship help. Now couples have a new option with Dr. Nicastro's free Relationship Check-up.

Employers Resource CEO appeared on Fox Business Network to discuss economy

2009-01-14 | On Friday, Employers Resource CEO George Gersema appeared on Money for Breakfast, a business morning show hosted by Alexis Glick on the Fox Business Network. The panel discussion revolved around the plight of employers and employees in the current recession.

Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles' Brand Program Wins 2008 MarCom Creative Award for Communications Excellence; Innovation Protocol of Los Angeles Created the Winning Campaign

2009-01-14 | Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles' (JFS) new brand program has been honored with a gold 2008 MarCom Creative award. Innovation Protocol, a Los Angeles brand strategy consultancy, developed the branding campaign for JFS.

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Chemical and Cancer Fears Triggers Mom to Create Green Skincare for Children

2009-01-14 | Eco-conscious mom turns entrepreneur and launches a full line of natural skincare for infants and children after learning of developmental issues in skincare studies released. All products focus on using natural, sustainable resources and are free of chemicals such as parabens and phthalates.