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January 27, 2009

13 total news stories found. Launches the World's First Offline Upload Service

2009-01-27 | We will upload your high volume data for you. You will not need an internet connection to post, store and share your data on the web. Media2Net is a hosted storage service for various forms of data dedicated for customers who require high volume capability and reliability.

Textnovel Editorial Board Selects "13 to Life: a Werewolf's Tale" as 1st Prize Winner

2009-01-27 | Textnovel's 2008 Writing Contest just ended and its Editorial Board has selected the winner -- "13 to Life" -- a werewolf novel by Saoirse Redgrave developed and published on a cell phone novel website in serial form with reader input using Textnovel's unique online writing and publishing system

Deconstruction Network Partners With Local Habitat For Humanity For Reuse Of Home Building Materials

2009-01-27 | Reusable Doors, Windows and more will be Donated to Habitat's ReStore in Goleta to Help Build more Homes & Divert Tons of Materials from Local Landfills

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles Receives Habitat for Humanity International Award for Creativity and Innovation

2009-01-27 | Habitat for Humanity International has recognized "Nickels for Nails", Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles' youth fundraising program, with the Clarence Jordan award.

Kredit Automation & Controls, Inc. Awarded Contract for DieKlean 360 TM Aluminum Extrusion Die Cleaning Equipment

2009-01-27 | The DieKlean 360 TM by Kredit Automation & Controls Inc. promises safe and efficient post extrusion die cleaning and etching

Leading Trucking Authority Provider "Your Authority Service" Adding Two New Services for the New Year

2009-01-27 | Adding to their already extensive list of services, Your Authority Service now provides motor carrier registration from the Texas DOT as well as an extensive "Help" section to assist companies in determining their insurance and certification needs.

Vitamin Science,, Dr. Paul Krawitz Announce a New Blog about Eye Health

2009-01-27 | Dr. Paul Krawitz, renowned eye surgeon and founder of Vitamin Science Inc., announced today that will host a new Blog about vision health, eye vitamins alternative treatments for the eyes.

InovaHire Launches First Free Job Board and Live Interview Site

2009-01-27 | announced the launch of the first free job board and live interview site available to employers and job seekers. InovaHire's free job board has gone above and beyond the expectations of their users by providing an attractive, user-friendly site that is beneficial to everyone.

Aussie Gamer Plays Too Much, Gets Hit With $6k Internet Bill

2009-01-27 | If you thought being griefed while playing a game was bad, be thankful that you've never been griefed by your Internet provider. Unfortunately, Aussie gamer Justin Cavanagh wasn't so lucky when he opened his mail one day and found an Internet bill surpassing the $6,000 mark.

The Highly-Anticipated JP Sherman Communion Invitation Card Collection Is Available On

2009-01-27 | JP Sherman communion invitations may be hard to find elsewhere, but has them! The JP Sherman communion invitation designs are recognized as some of the most desired communion invitations in existence.

Sleep Apnea Treatment: Does Sleep Apnea Wear Down Your Brain? CPAP and Oral Appliances Save Lives! Nasal Obstruction is a Significant Factor in Sleep Apnea. Is There a Major Flaw in Sleep Research? Is ADHD Preventable?

2009-01-27 | Repetitive surges and drops in blood pressure and blood flow in the brain might make people with sleep apnea more prone to have a stroke and die in their sleep, according to a new study December 2008 issue of the Journal of Applied Physiology. Does a major flaw exist in sleep research?

Atlanta, Georgia: Dental Sleep Medicine And The Sleep Apnea Dentist: Sleep Apnea Treatment Is Moving Toward Oral Appliances and Away From Surgery and CPAP. Offers Information on Treatment of Sleep Apnea With Oral Appliances

2009-01-27 | Oral Appliances and dental sleep medicine are growing in popularity compared to CPAP. CPAP and oral appliances are now considered first line treatments of sleep apnea and surgery is a secondary therapy. Too many patients do not like use their CPAP machines on a regular basis

ACT Remediation Services Offers Unattended Death Cleanup, Suicide Cleanup, and Crime Scene Cleanup for Families and Businesses Nationwide

2009-01-27 | Crime scene cleanup company providing needed death scene, crime scene, blood scene cleanup response services for families and businesses in need nationwide.