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March 06, 2009

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Systematic, Structured Innovation--Breakthrough Management Group International Hosts 2-Day Innovation Workshop for Executives to Get at the Root of... "Everybody is Talking About the Importance of Innovation, Where Does It Fit In My Organization?"

2009-03-06 | This seminar is designed specifically for executives leading the charge for innovation inside their organizations. Chief Innovation Officer will feature emerging strategies, tools and techniques from some of the foremost thinkers in innovation today.

Platinum Play Bingo Entices and Excites with Captivating Offers

2009-03-06 | In a relatively short time, Platinum Play Bingo [] has proven to be a serious contender in the UK bingo industry. With industry awards under their belts this site is forging ahead and leaving no stone unturned in their race to the finish line.

UK First as Premier Inn Reaches 40,000 Rooms

2009-03-06 | Premier Inn reaches 40,000 room milestone with the opening of the Premier Inn Chester City Centre hotel

Balli Group Receives Apology and Undisclosed Damages from WestLB

2009-03-06 | Bloomberg has announced a financial settlement and an apology by WestLB to Vahid Alaghband and Balli Group

Schillings Announces Details Of The Protecting Reputations In Sports Conference

2009-03-06 | Schillings, has announced the programme for its upcoming sports seminar which will address the problems facing sports brands and professionals from a public relations, media and legal perspective

Mesothelioma Misconceptions and Myths

2009-03-06 | There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding the diagnosis of mesothelioma. One of the misconceptions is that mesothelioma is lung cancer. Mesothelioma that originates in the pleural lining of the lung has similar symptoms but is not true lung cancer.

What is a Contingency Fee?

2009-03-06 | When your lawyer works for a contingency fee, he will take a percentage of the money you recover when you win your lawsuit. This percentage generally ranges from 20-50% of the total monetary award. If you do not win your case, your lawyer will not receive any money for his services.

Understanding Refractive Vision Problems

2009-03-06 | Any eye doctor can test your vision to determine your eyes' refractive errors. For glasses or contact lenses, an instrument called a phoropter is used. It is a device that positions a variety of different corrective lenses in front of your eyes.

Asonor Ranked # 1 in Comprehensive User Test of Snore Remedies

2009-03-06 | In a recent independent user test of 7 different anti-snoring products on Danish men between the ages of 35 and 50 (and their partners), Asonor - the revolutionary anti-snoring nasal spray - walked away as the #1 product overall as well as in price/performance.

RealAdventures Launches Destination Guide to Anaheim California

2009-03-06 | Travel Website Reports Steady Increase in Vacation Planning to Anaheim California

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Miles For Hope To Break Guinness World Record For Brain Tumor Awareness

2009-03-06 | Miles for Hope, a non-profit organization, dedicated to finding a cure for brain cancer, has partnered with the Dunedin Blue Jays and AirTran Airways to bring you a Guinness World Record Breaking event "Together In Hope" candlelight vigil. All proceeds benefit brain cancer research.

John Martino Launches LookSmart Home Inspections, LLC a New Jersey Home Inspection Company Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Home Inspections for New Jersey Clients

2009-03-06 | "I am very excited about performing independent home inspections for New Jersey "LookSmart was founded on the fundamental principle of customer first. I have a firm belief that buyers should have the opportunity to choose their own New Jersey home inspector,'' said Mr. Martino.

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Britain's Brightest Breakdown, Tell Us Your Story and Win GBP1000

2009-03-06 | The recent cold weather has led to a 50%* increase in the number of car breakdowns with many of those being lone drivers ill prepared to sit and wait for the rescue services.

The ASBC Celebrates Five Years as Trusted Facilitator of Information, Education and Opportunities to Government Sector

2009-03-06 | Founded by Margaret and Guy Timberlake in 2004, The American Small Business Coalition is a community focused on ensuring viable industry partners are matched to each other, government agencies and their requirements.

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A New Diet for not only the Rich and Famous, but also for the Unemployed and Uninsured

2009-03-06 | The rich and famous can continue eating the types of food they enjoy. The unemployed will benefit by the lowered grocery bills due to decreased consumption. Those without health insurance will benefit once they reach an ideal weight by reduced risks for illnesses associated with being overweight.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Company Seeks Installation Reps

2009-03-06 | APS-Hoods seeks mechanical and fire protection companies interested in learning to install commercial restaurant hood and fire suppression systems to meet a growing demand for these services in California restaurants.

ClearVision 6.0 Professional Desktop Video Conferencing Platform Software Now Available

2009-03-06 | High Speed Video has released the latest version of the ClearVision Professional Grade Desktop Video Conferencing Platform.

Experience Central America's Rich Coast with i-to-i

2009-03-06 | i-to-i launch brand new projects in Central America's most peaceful and beautiful land; Costa Rica, hike through tropical rainforests, dive into the rapids and help to conserve the amazing scenery!

Alan Pearce Partners With Carbon Copy Pro!

2009-03-06 | New home-based online business launched.

SANYO Appoints Direct Traffic Media for New Xacti Launch

2009-03-06 | Sanyo group has appointed Search Marketing agency Direct Traffic Media to promote the launch of its evolutionary new Xacti Dual Camera and Camcorder range.

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