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March 11, 2009

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Bio-Tech Medical Software, Inc. Biometrics Joins Forces with the University of Central Florida to Fight Diversion and Help Combat Prescription Narcotic Drug Abuse

2009-03-11 | Pilot Program in Fort Lauderdale helps to Leverage Bio-Tech Medical Software, Inc. with the University of Central Florida. Bio-Tech Medical Software, Inc., will utilize UCF's biometrics, elite technology and other programming techniques in an effort to establish the best prescription monitoring program.

A Chance to Win Gold and Silver, the Silver Blog Bash

2009-03-11 | Amid the current economic uncertainty, the chance to win gold and silver proves exciting in a time of continued depressing news.

12 Year Old Reads The Pen And Paper Diet And Understands All Concepts

2009-03-11 | Marissa Silva, 12 year old from Tucson, understands (after reading the book) that all one needs to do is track calories to control weight while they eat what they want.

ACF Car Finance Gives Cash Boost To Customers And Staff

2009-03-11 | We ran the competition across all eight of our branches and we are very pleased with its success. Not only did the competition provide an added incentive to customers during the tough economic climate, it proved a great way of rewarding our staff for their hard work in securing sales.

Write2Maket Hires Talented Atlanta Web Copywriter

2009-03-11 | Write2Market, the content development firm in Atlanta, hires Jason Crain, a talented web copywriter with experience producing content that gets results.

Scottish Power Selects Atlantic Link for Collaborative Rapid E-learning

2009-03-11 | Atlantic Link, the world's leading provider of collaborative rapid e-learning authoring software, is delighted to announce that Scottish Power have selected their solutions.

No More Easter Bunnies Please!

2009-03-11 | Many people give adorable baby bunnies as pets at Easter. In a few weeks the babies grow up, the children lose interest and the rabbits end up in shelters. This Easter, give a plush or chocolate bunny as a gift and then visit local shelters as a family to find the perfect bunny for a pet.

Complimentary Marketing Webinar Offered To Nonprofit Professionals Across North America

2009-03-11 | Complimentary Webinar, "Keeping Customers: How Nonprofits Can Build Customer Loyalty," on Tuesday, March 17 at 10:00 a.m. PDT/1:00 p.m. EDT, with professional speaker and nonprofit marketing guru, Elaine Fogel, is open to all nonprofit professionals.