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October 03, 2009

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SISM Research Note On Tamm Oil & Gas

2009-10-03 | Confidence is back in the Alberta oil sands, as Tamm Oil adds a 276,000-acre farm-in deal (50% WI) to its heavy oil portfolio and becomes a major player in the Manning heavy oil development area in Peace River.

Saxo Bank Quarterly Outlook: The Japanization of financial markets

2009-10-03 | Saxo Bank, the trading and investment specialist, predicts consumer deleveraging will continue and demand will stay subdued

LV= Competition Invites Entrants To Picture What They Love Most In Life

2009-10-03 | LV= competition invites entrants to photograph what they love most in life to be in with the chance of winning GBP1,500

Prudential Reports Strife Begins At 40 For Pensions Late Starters

2009-10-03 | Prudential reports that delaying contributions to a pension fund could cost workers a third of their salary

Optical Express Launches Television Advertisement For The Cosmetic Clinic

2009-10-03 | Optical Express is launching a new television advert to promote its cosmetic surgery brand, The Cosmetic Clinic

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Twins for British Airways Metrotwin on its Birthday

2009-10-03 | British Airways social media site has celebrated its first birthday launching its next big twin - Metrotwin Mumbai in addition to its existing New York site

FDA Requiring New Warnings on TNF Blockers

2009-10-03 | TNF stands for Tumor Necrosis Factor. It is a secretion of certain immune system cells and a type of signaling molecule that carries messages between other immune system cells.

How the Eye Works

2009-10-03 | The human eye is truly a miracle of engineering, making it possible to see objects at a wide variety of distances, and working in perfect harmony with the brain to accurately interpret the objects we view.

An Increasing Intersection between Art and Plastic Surgery

2009-10-03 | By Matthew Candelaria - Many feminists immediately reject the notion of plastic surgery as being another example of men's control over women's bodies.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

2009-10-03 | The surgical procedure known as a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is one of the most requested cosmetic plastic surgeries in the United States. This surgical procedure tightens abdominal muscles and removes excess fat and skin at the same time.

Lift your Breasts and Your Self-Esteem

2009-10-03 | Every woman's breasts change over time. They grow larger, lose mass, start to sag, and the areola may grow larger. Breasts tend to change with pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Breast Lift Recovery

2009-10-03 | Breast lift surgery can help return confidence and self-esteem to any woman who is self-conscious about her breasts. Please visit the Newport Beach breast lift website for more information about this and other plastic surgery procedures.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Can Cost You Your Life

2009-10-03 | During any diagnostic process, your doctor has a responsibility to consider any possible cause for your symptoms and order the proper tests to rule in or out a given condition. If your doctor fails to do so, he is guilty of medical malpractice.

Online Poker Room Crazy Poker Launches New Bonus - $25 FREE to All New Depositing Players

2009-10-03 | Well known poker room Crazy Poker has now added a brand new bonus for all newcomers.

Professional Drummer Mike Veny Becomes a Philanthropist Sponsoring Music Education

2009-10-03 | Mike Veny, professional drummer and drum instructor, shares his love of music through his web businesses, the and, by donating a portion of the sales to fund music education for kids of all ages.

New Blog Features Point/Counterpoint Between a Man and a Woman

2009-10-03 | Honest and Humorous Talk about Sex, Relationships, Life and Love

E.ON Now Cheapest Energy Supplier

2009-10-03 | The online price war has claimed another casualty. E.ON has cut its prices on its FixOnline3 plan, knocking First:Utility off the cheapest supplier spot.

Let Battle Commence - Four Suppliers Join in Energy Price Fray Today

2009-10-03 | Friday October 2nd has officially been the busiest day of the year for energy price cuts with four suppliers announcing changes. Announces the Launch of their New Website

2009-10-03 | ColorFX is excited to announce the launch of their new website, designed with the goal of making their customer's online printing experience simple, intuitive, and efficient.

Tracesmart Awarded HSBC Contract to Deliver Fraud Prevention Service

2009-10-03 | HSBC Division Employ Tracesmart's Proprietary Existence System