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November 11, 2009

21 total news stories found. Poll: Robert Pattinson and Angelina Jolie Most Fantasized About During Sex

2009-11-11 | New Poll Shows Majority of Single Women thinks that Fantasizing During Sex IS Cheating

On November 2, 2009 the Santarex Toys Ltd [China, Hong Kong] Introduced its New Toy Collection to the People of Rouen (North of France)

2009-11-11 | Since its establishment in 2002, Santarex Toys is committed to its core business of designing and manufacturing innovative and quality toys for kids of all ages.

Mexico Manufacturing Event Presentations Available on the Web

2009-11-11 | Manufacturing in Mexico presentations authored by industry experts are available in their entirety on The Offshore Group's website.

Tooth Whitening and Veneers

2009-11-11 | With so many options to choose from, how does a person determine what tooth whitening system will work best for them? Money is a factor, certainly, but so is time, associated side effects, and lasting results.

Florida Laws on Uninsured Driver Accidents

2009-11-11 | You pay your insurance premiums every month so that if you or another driver is seriously injured, you are covered. So nothing seems more unfair than being injured or having vehicular damage at the hands of an uninsured motorist.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

2009-11-11 | Dentistry is comprised of several fields. The most common and widely known field of dentistry is general dentistry. There are many specialized fields that target specific oral health needs. A popular field of dentistry is cosmetic dentistry.

Jindra Floral Design in Cleveland Delivers New Online Flower Ordering Web Site

2009-11-11 | New site features updated photos, improved navigation

Olin Business School Launches New Web Site Focusing on MBA Programs, Executive Education

2009-11-11 | The Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis announces the launch of its new Web site.

Powerful tips from for fighting Ripoff Report

2009-11-11 | Have you or your company been listed on Ripoff Report? We have some very powerful tips to help you fight back.

Introducing The ClaireChase Collection of Quality Leather Luggage

2009-11-11 | Adding to its existing range of leather bags, is proud to announce the releases of the ClaireChase Collection. The ClaireChase Collection is a line of top quality leather bags.

Data Masking and Data Obfuscation Specialists Launch Fast Data Masking For Teradata, A Fast and Easy Data Masking Solution

2009-11-11 | Grid-Tools, the leading vendor in test data management techniques, announces the launch of Fast Data Masking for Teradata

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Rare and Expensive Coins Are Being Tossed Back Into Circulation

2009-11-11 | Jeff Angello of American Coin & Stamp Company, Inc. is spending several rare and valuable US coins. By putting these coins back into circulation they offer a chance for the coin collector to discover them.

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Malaysia My Second Home Relocation Company Offers Newsletter and Seminars in Various Countries

2009-11-11 | Malaysian relocation consultation company Cabana Worldwide is kicking off a new string of business developments with an Iranian newsletter and seminars hosted at embassies around the world.

Everyone Talking About World's First Dating Chat-a-thon. Leading Online Romance Company Hails Popular and Innovative Party.

2009-11-11 | A ground-breaking concept in internet matchmaking has just thrilled and entertained the international dating community as upbeat lovebirds took part in the industry's first ever global Chat-a-thon.

Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona set to hold International Recycling Art Festival of Catalonia

2009-11-11 | The event will feature a host of national and international artists, as well as musicians, designers, lecturers and audiovisual specialists.

How Will Your New Product Connect with the Public in 2010

2009-11-11 | Connecting products with people is Amy Bates Stumpf's great gift. President of Gifted Communications, Ms. Stumpf has helped launch hundreds of consumer goods for her clients, both public relations firms and producers.

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Kohl's Black Friday 2009 Ad Available Online Now!

2009-11-11 | DealTaker is pleased to announce that it has received and posted the Kohl's Black Friday ad for 2009.

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Wild Models, Inc. Talent Agency Books Talent Laura Bratton for National Nike Spot

2009-11-11 | Wild Models, Inc. books Laura Bratton, lifestyle/fit model and talent, with high-profile client Nike, continuing to highlight its "real people" casting opportunities.

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How and Why We Honor Veterans Day

2009-11-11 | Veteran's Day is a day designated to honor the men and women who have fought and died for our country. Discover six ways to celebrate Veterans Day including flying your American Flag.

Bigger, Easier, Better - Reaches for the Next Level

2009-11-11 | Relaunch of combines greater ease of use with an even more informative resource in the search for cosmetic improvement.