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January 09, 2010

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Chuck Hillier to Join Brad "Martini" Chambers at The Standard Media Group

2010-01-09 | Longtime broadcast veteran Chuck Hillier has joined the Standard Media Group as its VP / General Manager of their 24/7 internet radio station. Hillier finally unites with his longtime friend and format-competitive companion Brad "Martini" Chambers, Founder and Chairman of Standard Media.

Common Dental Myths Debunked

2010-01-09 | Largely, dental myths imply that dentist enjoy causing pain, or provide unnecessary work to bilk innocent customers out of their hard earned cash. Others still are just based on ignorance of the way our teeth work.

Headaches Caused by Dental Issues

2010-01-09 | What many don't realize is that chronic headaches are caused by dental problems more often than people think. Two dental issues that can cause headaches are bruxism and a misaligned jaw, which causes temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD/TMJ).

Questions about Sedation Dentistry

2010-01-09 | Anyone who suffers anxiety when visiting the dentist can benefit from sedation dentistry. For these people, sedation dentistry is a welcome solution to years of panic and fear when facing the dentist's chair.

Schnebly Redland's Winery Plays Host to a Riot in Miami

2010-01-09 | Rob's Redland Riot Road Rallye comes to Miami's premiere winery

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Impact Confections names new Vice President of Sales

2010-01-09 | Jim Hanigan Tapped to Lead Global Sales

LookSmart Home Inspections Renews Its Association with the Independent Home Inspectors of North America

2010-01-09 | John Martino, LookSmart's owner and inspector, says that his continued association with the IHINA further exemplifies LookSmart's commitment to provide unbiased home inspections to New Jersey home buyers.

Highly Regarded Attorney Matthew C. Mullhofer says, "Hi-tech Means High Visibility! 6 Ways Creditors May (and WILL) Discover Your Assets"

2010-01-09 | Attorney Matthew C. Mullhofer, Attorney at Law, says, "with today's technologies and the laws that are in place, there is nothing you can do to hide your assets from creditors or judgements."

Considering Bankruptcy? Frequently Asked Questions are Answered by Highly Regarded Bankruptcy Attorney Matthew Mullhofer

2010-01-09 | Are you considering bankruptcy? Acclaimed Bankruptcy Attorney Matthew Mullhofer insists that you know your rights. Advanced planning by an experienced attorney is essential.

Film Festival 'Brings Something Different' to Munich

2010-01-09 | One film festival in Munich could open up a world of cinema for people staying in the city.

Long Island Pool Company, Blue Ribbon Pools Provides Pool Owners with Custom Designed Pool Covers

2010-01-09 | Pool Company on Long Island, Blue Ribbon Pools provides durable & safe pools cover that can with stand bad weather conditions.

Themis Bar Review Announces July 2009 Bar Exam Pass Rates

2010-01-09 | Themis Bar Review introduced its innovative online bar exam preparation course in three markets for the July 2009 bar exam, and pass rates indicate Themis students significantly outperformed states in all three jurisdictions.

Count Down to Super Bowl 44. Party Planner

2010-01-09 | Get Crabby with Your own Super Bowl 44 Party. brings you a Party Pack and Planner. All you have to do is invite your buds, place your bets and party on. We've made it easy. We give you an easy recipe, count down grocery list.

Insulite Laboratories Urges Parents To Test Their Teens For PCOS

2010-01-09 | Insulite Laboratories is urging parents to pay attention to any symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) that their teenage daughters may be showing such as acne, moodiness, irregular periods and weight gain around the waist.

HousePro Handyman Service of Greensboro NC Offers Free Vanity Mirror with Full Bathroom Renovation and Remodel Projects for Homeowners in Winston Salem, High Point, and the Piedmont Triad Area

2010-01-09 | Handyman home improvement company excels in providing custom solutions for difficult or unusual bathroom remodels

Long Island Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Company, Abstract Mechanical Company Offers the Top 5 Ways to Lower Heating Bills in 2010.

2010-01-09 | Abstract Mechanical, a first-rate Plumbers and Heating Company on Long Island helps customers lower their monthly heating bills by offering valuable tips on how to lower heating costs during winter.

Celebrate With The Irish During A Visit To Florence

2010-01-09 | People may feel right at home during a trip to Florence if they visit Irlanda in Festa.

Good Area Schools Are Top Reasons Why San Diego Homebuyers Choose Master Planned Carmel Country Highlands and Pacific Highlands Ranch in Coastal-close Carmel Valley

2010-01-09 | Location and schools are the most compelling reasons why homebuyers choose a home. In San Diego County, Pardee Homes has 3 new home neighborhoods, and a fourth opening on Jan 23rd, in the popular Carmel Valley area, known for its excellent schools.

Caldereros Fiesta 'Remembers the Gypsies' of San Sebastian

2010-01-09 | One noisy festival in San Sebastian celebrates the gypsies who used to pass through the city.

Celebrate 'The Freedom of Saragossa' with Cincomarzada

2010-01-09 | Spaniards celebrate the expulsion of Carlist troops from Saragossa with the Cincomarzada festival.