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November 13, 2010

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Ravenwolf Publishing Offers Books For Holiday Shoppers

2010-11-13 | Ravenwolf Publishing now offers a variety of books in paperback and Ebook formats in time for the Holidays

| Video Release

Politics and the American Dream Revisited -- UPSIDE Authors Provide Strategies for Reinventing Personal Dreams to Meet Economic Realities

2010-11-13 | For Americans struggling with new economic realities, two authors have crafted an interactive guide to reinvent a sustainable life and career. 29 strategies provide guidelines for long-lasting success.

Spring Hill Podiatrist Increases Patient Knowledge Through Patient Education Via the Practice's Website

2010-11-13 | Patients gain access to this Brooksville podiatrist's new educational library, informing patients on various treatments, symptoms and services for foot and ankle health care. - The World's Biggest Football Clubs Compete in Abu Dhabi in December 2010

2010-11-13 | reports that football fans from around the globe will be heading to Abu Dhabi to catch the best teams in world football playing in the finals of the FIFA Club World Cup in December

DirectRooms - Governments Convene in Bahrain on Matters of National Security

2010-11-13 | reveals that government officials from each of the key nations in the Gulf will be meeting in Bahrain to talk about the major security issues of each country

DirectRooms - Busan's First Christmas Festival Is Set To Take Place In December

2010-11-13 | announces that the Korean city of Busan is preparing for the start of a unique Christmas festival at the beginning of December

DNA Testing Is Now Simpler Than Ever Before - DNA Worldwide Group Ltd

2010-11-13 | DNA Worldwide, a leading UK Leading DNA Testing firm has made the process of having a DNA Test even simpler through the expansion of its dedicated sample collection network.

Austin Powell Set To Take Career To A Whole New Level

2010-11-13 | Powell signs on with Myrna Lieberman Mgmt. and The Osbrink Talent agency.

Holiday Dog Bite Prevention Tips from Doggone Safe

2010-11-13 | Visiting family and friends is part of the holidays. Changes in routines, crowded rooms, unattended food and excited children can be stressful to dogs. Doggone Safe offers tips to keep kids and dogs safe over the holidays.

| Attachments, The New Social Network For People Who Are Passionate About Their Homes

2010-11-13 | How to obtain the best tips, inspiration, advises and see photos on the net for the improvement of your home.

Texas Water Rights Endangered by Inefficient Water Use

2010-11-13 | A growing population in Texas could lead to water supply issues, negatively effecting rural areas.

Pardee Homes' Highlands Village Plan 1 with Dual Master Bedroom Suites Offers Options for First-Time Buyers

2010-11-13 | Plan 1 at Highlands Village is perfect for first-time buyers with its versatile dual master bedrooms. The coastal-close location caters to the active lifestyle and residents enjoy resort style amenities including a pool, spa and fitness center.

DirectRooms - Casablanca Presents the Highest-Quality Moroccan Exports in December 2010

2010-11-13 | reveals that the leading companies and producers from all over Morocco will be meeting in Casablanca to exhibit the best in goods and services produced by the North African country.

NoSQL Market: From Nowhere to $3.4 Billion by 2018

2010-11-13 | The worldwide NoSQL market is expected to reach $3.4 Billion by 2018 at a CAGR of 21% between 2013 and 2018. NoSQL market will generate $14 Billion in revenues over the period 2013 - 2018.

DirectRooms - Thousands of Artists Perform for a Special Festival in Chennai From Mid-December 2010

2010-11-13 | reports that southern India's Chennai will be putting on a month-long series of musical performances and dances as part of a unique festival taking place in the city.