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January 20, 2012

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Meals to Live Takes Aim at Sodium Levels in Frozen Entrees

2012-01-20 | First frozen entrees created for those living with diabetes offers healthy options for all.

Noxel Corporation (NOXL), the Future-Positive and Agile Corporation

2012-01-20 | Noxel Corp. (Nevada), announced that it has received confirmation from FINRA for its name change from Innosuisse Corp. to Noxel Corp. at OTC Markets, symbol NOXL, effective Jan 13, 2012.

Fraser Yachts - 2011 Superyacht Sales Leaders - Fact!

2012-01-20 | Data compiled by respected yachting intelligence website, Boat International, shows a healthy increase in superyacht sales in 2011 and highlights Fraser Yachts as market leaders in superyacht brokerage.

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Plan Your Senior Trip with Straight A Tours

2012-01-20 | Graduating from high school and concluding that chapter in your life is a very exciting time. Straight A tours will handle everything from start to finish to ensure your senior class trip is memorable.

Prompt Proofing Blog Post: Writing Effective Web Content

2012-01-20 | As promised, on the third week of each month, we will focus on writing tips. This week - writing effective web content.

Enjoy Octagon of London Events as Guest of Shaftesbury

2012-01-20 | Shaftesbury Premier London Notting Hill, one of the premier properties under the Shaftesbury chain is located close to Olympia National Hall, which will be hosting the London Expo 2012 from January 18-22.

Shaftesbury Group Now Guarantees More Eventful Vacations for Its Guests

2012-01-20 | Shaftesbury Group, one of the premier hotel chains in UK offers you grand scopes to take part in these events and make the winter vacation ever memorable.

The Marble Arch By Montcalm London Now Offers Better Luxury and Comfort

2012-01-20 | To make your winter vacation or New Year bash more exciting and memorable, Shaftesbury Group of hotels, one of the most widely acclaimed hotel chains in UK, now brings a host of packages.

Reenergize Yourself With Heavenly Spa Treatments at The Montcalm

2012-01-20 | There are exciting offers for food lovers as well as for guests to whom complete relaxation and rejuvenation are keywords are key components of vacations. Grab this opportunity to make your London trip a vacation of your life time.

Pro-Tech Industries Receives Approximately $3.5 million in Fire Protection Contracts

2012-01-20 | Pro-Tech Fire Protection Systems Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro-Tech Industries, Inc., has announced receiving additional new contracts totaling approximately $3.5 million for its fire protection contracting business.

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Nicaragua's Renewable Energy Revolution Underway

2012-01-20 | Nicaragua is setting a new course towards energy security, reducing its dependence on foreign oil from 80% to 6% within a decade, becoming an international leader in renewable technologies by 2016.

How Long Before LASIK Surgery Do I Need to Take My Contacts Out?

2012-01-20 | Some of the most common questions about LASIK involve the surgery and contact usage. If you have traditionally worn contacts instead of glasses, you will want to discuss this with your ophthalmologist during your initial LASIK consultation.

Global Demand of Real Estate is Carrying US Market

2012-01-20 | International Real Estate demand has long fueled the US markets. But how big is the impact? To say it's evident would be humble!

Cognac Wellerlane Spends Christmas Day at The Russian Tea Room

2012-01-20 | Long Island Exchange Columnist Cognac Wellerlane spent Christmas Day at the historic Russian Tea Room, known for its celebrity associations and rich history.

Atlanta Dentist Increases Patient Knowledge of Dental Health Care

2012-01-20 | Dr. Donald Rozema, dentist in Atlanta, creates new online educational resources for improved dental knowledge.

North End Dentist Connects With Patients On Facebook

2012-01-20 | Dr. William Maness, North End Boston dentist of Lewis Wharf Dental Associates, finds new and popular ways to engage with patients online via Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Jacksonville Dentist Celebrates 24 Years in Practice

2012-01-20 | Dr. Mashod, experienced Jacksonville Dentist, reflects on 24 years of delivering beautiful smiles to patients in Jacksonville.

Katy Cosmetic Dentist Introduces New Smile-Enhancing Services

2012-01-20 | Hamon, DeBuyl and Associates, Katy family dentists, are pleased to introduce CEREC, laser dentistry and Invisalign as three of their newest dental services now available.

Leading Web Hosting Firm Opposes SOPA

2012-01-20 | Company warns proposed Internet censorship legislation will eliminate free web hosting.

Concannon Launches the First Irish Whiskey for the US Market Mellowed in Concannon Wine Barrels

2012-01-20 | America's first Irish-American winery teams up with Ireland's Cooley distillery to launch Concannon Irish Whiskey--the Only Irish Whiskey mellowed in Petite Sirah wine casks.

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