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December 13, 2012

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Bruegger's Bagels Returns to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

2012-12-13 | Travelers have a new dining option at Concourse B.

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Online Pawn Shop Announces Their New "Crazy" Holiday Offer

2012-12-13 | online pawn shop has made a new announcement today: another holiday season "crazy" offer is on the table: up to $200 cash bonus on a pawn loan or a sale ( terms and conditions apply).

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TapSnap Unveils Ultra-Responsive High-Tech Photo Booth with Instant Social Media Connectivity

2012-12-13 | TapSnap has taken the photo booth out of the dark, and into the light. Gone are the dusty old clunkers that used sit in the back corners of shopping malls and fun parks.

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Effective Word-of-Mouth Campaign Successful in Germany for Asonor, Anti-Snoring Solution

2012-12-13 | The German consumer group "KonsumGotinnen" with 85,000 members has tested the Asonor anti-snoring solution.

U.S. Trade Mission to Purchase Over US$3 Million in Nicaraguan Agricultural Products

2012-12-13 | PRONicaragua recently announced that a U.S. trade mission has stated their purchase intention of over US$3 million in Nicaraguan agricultural products.

Is The U.S. Dollar Heading for Trouble?

2012-12-13 | Will the U.S. Dollar hold its value? Online articles, TV news casts and other mediums have been predicting the United State's monetary system will collapse in the near future. Should Americans be worried?

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Inc. Magazine Introduces Hire Power Awards Honoring America's 100 Top Job Creators

2012-12-13 | Orion Systems Integrators, Inc. honored for Information Technology job creation over the past three years.

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What to Avoid in Natural Skin Care Products This Holiday Season

2012-12-13 | Choosing the best skin care products for your skin doesn't have to be hard - you just need to know what to look for and what to avoid.

Blipcare Unveils the World's First Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor

2012-12-13 | Blip Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor provides a much needed simple Hypertension management solution.

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7 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Luggage During Holiday Travel

2012-12-13 | Courtesy of the creators of BAGPATCH, the colorful peel-and-stick woven labels with sassy messages to help travelers ID their luggage.

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Automotive Recyclers Commend Ohio Legislators' Decision to Adjourn Without Casting a Vote on SB 273

2012-12-13 | ARA and OATRA are commending leaders in the Ohio House of Representatives today, as the 2012 legislative session adjourns and lawmakers leave Columbus without taking further action on Senate Bill 273.

Lifeshield's Free Kindle Giveaway Extended Through December

2012-12-13 | Holiday Offer is Good With Purchase of a LifeShield Security System

Lacing Up Shouldn't Mean Sitting Out, States OrthoAtlanta

2012-12-13 | Atlanta-based surgical group, OrthoAtlanta, urges athletes and sports junkies to choose appropriate footwear to avoid foot and heel injuries.

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J. Martinez & Co. Fine Coffees Discusses Why Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Is So Good

2012-12-13 | J. Martinez & Company fine coffees would like to discuss what exactly it is that makes Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee so incredibly good.

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Atlanta Orthopedic Surgeons OrthoAtlanta Offer Custom Orthotics

2012-12-13 | The Atlanta orthopedic doctors at OrthoAtlanta now offer custom designed orthotics, to keep your comfortable on your feet.

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Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington See Merle Haggard's Bankruptcy as Inspirational

2012-12-13 | Clark & Washington, Tampa bankruptcy attorneys, sees Merle Haggard's personal and professional struggles, including bankruptcy, as inspirational.

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Misdiagnosis or Failure to Diagnose a Condition

2012-12-13 | When you visit the doctor with an unknown medical problem, you are relying on him to properly diagnose your condition.

How Does Jaw Alignment Affect So Many Parts of the Head, Face, and Body?

2012-12-13 | It may seem strange, but a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) can actually impact the comfort and function of several parts of your body.

Bed Sores/Pressure Ulcers

2012-12-13 | Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, can be a clear indication of nursing home abuse.