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May 03, 2013

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Bachelorette Party Fun Gets a Facelift

2013-05-03 | Top bachelorette party site offers fresh ideas on their revamped user-friendly website.

Placing American Indian and Alaska Native Boys and Men Health Disparities on the Map

2013-05-03 | Stakeholders dedicated to raising awareness on health disparities among American Indian & Alaska Native males has collaborated with Men's Health Network to develop a brief report titled: A Vision of Wellness and Health Equity for AI/AN Boys and Men.

Digital Signage - Navori QL Software Powers the Saudi National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia, Middle East

2013-05-03 | National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia selected Navori QL Signage Software to replace the traditional printed communication with Innovative Digital Signage Technology across its branches.

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Grammar Tips from Prompt Proofing: Be Sure to Agree

2013-05-03 | This month, Prompt Proofing looks at subject-verb agreement.

EYES IN Magazine(TM) (MagBook) Issue 19 Features the World's Most Innovative Creators

2013-05-03 | Each creator is interviewed about their life, profession, thirst for innovation, inspirational milestones and how their work evolves or revolutionizes the world over time.

School Bus Logistics Introduces New Routing Services

2013-05-03 | School districts can save money by outsourcing all or part of their bus routing operations.

Palmdale, CA Dentist Offers Six Month Braces for Improved Smiles

2013-05-03 | Dr. Jason Oh, dentist in Palmdale, CA, invites patients to straighten their teeth with new dental procedure-Six Month Braces.

Valencia Dentist Shares Patient Reviews Online

2013-05-03 | Dr. Jason Oh, dentist in Valencia, improves dental care through online patient reviews.

Family Dentist in Kalamazoo Shares Helpful Tips for Improved Dental Health

2013-05-03 | Dr. Carrie Lintner of Lindenwoods Dental believes educating patients is vital in helping to maintain their oral health.

Cooper City, FL Dentist Offers Helpful Advice for Sore Gums and Teething

2013-05-03 | Drs. May Yazji-Corey and Dora Rodriguez, Pembroke Pines dentists, provide parents with advice for caring for their baby's sore teeth and gums.

Dentist in Coppell Completes Continuing Education for Improved Care

2013-05-03 | Dr. Rick Larson, Coppell dentist, attends continuing dental education to offer patients improved dental procedures and treatments.

Boston, MA Dentist Offers Improved Technology for Optimal Dental Health Care

2013-05-03 | Dr. Basel Badawi, dentist in Boston, MA, invites patients to take advantage of CEREC Technology's unique one-visit procedures.

Morristown, NJ Dermatologists Provide Online Educational Resources for Improved Patient Knowledge

2013-05-03 | Affiliated Dermatologists in Morristown, NJ improve patient knowledge of skin care with online educational resources.

Dermatologist in Upper East Side New York Celebrates 25 Years in Dermatology

2013-05-03 | Dr. Sheryl Clark, Upper East Side New York dermatologist, continues to provide superior skin care after 25 years in dermatology.

Online Case Photo Gallery and Testimonials Via Website Improve Bucks Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery

2013-05-03 | Dr. Michael Ondik offers an online case photo gallery and testimonial page to showcase previous patients' experiences.

Appleton Dentist Maintains Continuing Education to Remain Up to Date on Dental Advancements

2013-05-03 | Dr. Joseph Schouten, dentist in Appleton, attends continuing education seminars to remain on the cutting edge of dental technology and techniques.

Towson Cosmetic Studio is Now Accepting Appointments Online Via the Newly Launched Website

2013-05-03 | Dr. Mehdi Zamani, dentist in Towson, MD, now allows patients to make appointments online via his new website.

Janet Carter Named a VIP Member of Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Online Retail Management

2013-05-03 | Ms. Carter's company is a leading distributor of high quality handmade teddies and other plush animals

Jennifer Pettus Named VIP Member of Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Electrical Services

2013-05-03 | Jennifer Pettus and team provide reliable electrical services for commercial and industrial projects