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October 22, 2013

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St. Louis Lawyer Receives a $2.9 M Settlement For LP Gas Explosion Fatality Caused By Improperly Maintained Gas Line Valves

2013-10-22 | Kevin Davidson is a St. Louis personal injury attorney with a unique background in the gas industry. He recently received a 2.9 million dollar settlement for the family of a man who was killed as the result of a ruptured LP gas line.

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Meehl House Adopts Omni Paleo Diet

2013-10-22 | The right food for the right mood.

The Capital Catches Fire with Hunger Party Games

2013-10-22 | As London prepares to host the world premiere of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, eager fans can get in on the action with The Robin Collective's brilliantly bonkers Hunger Party Games.

Frogglez Goggles - The World's Most Comfortable Swim Goggles - Taking The Swim Goggle Market By Storm

2013-10-22 | Made By My Dad LLC strikes a chord with parents and kids around the globe with their utility patented new swim goggle design. Frogglez Goggles is a national award winning product! Look out Speedo, the new kid on the block is here!

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Buckeye Shapeform Leads Enclosure Manufacturing Industry with Customization

2013-10-22 | Replacing 'one size fits all' with 'one-stop shopping'.

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What is in America's Deceit That the Government Doesn't Want You to Know? John Gaetano's New Book, a Political Thriller about the Assassination of JFK and the Future of the American Republic

2013-10-22 | An epic novel about the assassination of JFK that challenges readers to transcend the Government's version of the story and open-mindedly explore more plausible explanations.

The 50 Greatest Players in Boston Red Sox History: First Local Book to Rank the All-Time Best

2013-10-22 | Boston native and veteran journalist Lew Freedman, author of more than 60 popular sports books, details the careers of the top 50 players in Red Sox history.

No Secret Anymore: The Pillars Hotel Remains in the Top 3 Among all of Florida's Hotels for Second Year in a Row

2013-10-22 | The Pillars Hotel was named in the top three of Florida's hotels for the second year in a row by Conde Nast Traveler in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards with a score of 93.3 out of 100.

Get More Out of Your Meetings with Meeting Facilitators, Suggests FindaFacilitator

2013-10-22 | FindaFacilitator matches organizations with facilitators who have experience in all types of meeting facilitation. They can help organizations better accomplish their goals for any type of meeting.

Art Pottery Discusses Collectible Pottery as an Investment for the Future

2013-10-22 | The antique pottery vase buyers, Art Pottery, talk about why collecting pottery is a wise move for investors. Antique pieces are listed in the thousand dollar range when in great condition.

Experts in Facilitating Meetings Leadership Strategies Discuss Benefits of their Partnership Program

2013-10-22 | Team up with this successful strategic planning facilitator and put an end to pointless business meetings that waste your company's resources.

Atlanta Workers' Comp Attorneys, Cummings & Middlebrooks, Discuss Cases Involving Falling Debris

2013-10-22 | After a workplace injury, get expert legal advice and receive the income and medical care you deserve from the trusted Atlanta workers comp lawyers at Cummings & Middlebrooks, LLP.

Attend the South Carolina 2A/4A Marching Band Championships and Stay at Nearby Hilton Garden Inn Columbia SC Hotel

2013-10-22 | Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Columbia South Carolina (Northeast) offers nearby lodging to guests attending the South Carolina 2A/4A Marching Band Championships on October 26, 2013.

Don't Miss! Josh Wood, Author of Relentless - Walking Against All Odds!, Book Signing Tour

2013-10-22 | Come meet Josh Wood at Project Walk Atlanta on Nov 5th 1pm during his book signing tour.

Grand Rapids Dentist Takes On A Tough Nemesis: Intrinsic Tooth Stains

2013-10-22 | Grand Rapids, MI dentist, Dr. Bradley Dykstra, says that in-house whitening service might be the answer to those bothersome intrinsic tooth stains.

Las Cruces Dentists Maintain Presence On Social Media Sites

2013-10-22 | Drs. Ramon and Natalie Ortiz, dentists in Las Cruces, know how important it is to have a social media presence. Patients can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Check them out!

Gourmet Deliveries Sponsorship of the Recent Cogs for Cancer Event

2013-10-22 | Gourmet Deliveries sponsored the hugely successful Cogs 4 Cancer (C4C) charity event which took place this month.

Government Land Reclamation Project in Monaco to Yield More Available Coastline Real Estate

2013-10-22 | Expected to give Monaco six more hectares of building space, the land reclamation act will create a whole new neighborhood in front of the Grimaldi Forum. Luxury real estate firm La Costa Properties set to help buyers purchase their dream homes.

New Danuser Hammer - Free Demos -800-733-0275

2013-10-22 | Danuser Hammer one-person post driver - 800-733-0275 - made in the USA.

The Garrison Produces a Holiday Party for Business Celebrations

2013-10-22 | December 12 event features an evening of dining and entertainment for one price for regional businesses seeking off-site, pre-planned, all-inclusive holiday parties.