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January 24, 2014

30 total news stories found. Awarded Royal Caribbean's 2013 Online Agency of the Year

2014-01-24 | announced that it has been awarded Royal Caribbean's Online Agency of the Year in 2013 for generating extraordinary growth in sales, continuous partnership support and innovative marketing efforts.

Dorado Equities Inc. Leverages Offer as Mineral Claims Rise in "Triple Belt" Region

2014-01-24 | Dorado Equities Inc. management holds out for an improved buyout bid in light of climbing mineral claims value.

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Prompt Proofing Writing Tips: Make Sure Your Message is Clear

2014-01-24 | It may sound obvious but it never ceases to amaze me how often I click on a company's website and - after reading the entire landing page - have no idea what the company actually does!

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Matijevic: Fresh Packed Meat - No. 1 in the Price-Quality Ratio in Serbia

2014-01-24 | The first Best Buy Award research in the Republic of Serbia shows that Serbian citizens - where fresh packed meat is involved - give the largest number of votes on the best price-quality ratio to the Matijevic company.

Sportsman's Warehouse Receives NSSF Don't Lie for the Other Guy Award at 2014 SHOT Show

2014-01-24 | Sportsman's Warehouse has received the NSSF "Don't Lie for the Other Guy" award. This esteemed award is part of an NSSF program designed to help retailers detect and deter straw purchases through education and public awareness.

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Chattanooga Bankruptcy Attorneys Clark & Washington Discuss Supporting a Family Member Going Through Bankruptcy

2014-01-24 | The Chattanooga bankruptcy law experts, Clark & Washington, advise the best way to approach a loved one's bankruptcy situation.

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Atlanta Tree Removal Experts Yellow Ribbon Note that Overgrown Trees Can Cause Damage to Your Home

2014-01-24 | Yellow Ribbon says to keep an eye on your property's trees. Long branches can damage gutters and roofs, while extensive root systems can damage plumbing lines.

Peachtree Aviation Questions Which Atlanta Air Charter Is Right for You

2014-01-24 | Book your next Atlanta charter flight with this reputable company and enjoy a safe, luxurious and memorable time in the air.

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Florida AC Repair Specialists at American Air & Heat Offer Energy-Saving Agreements and Annual Contracts

2014-01-24 | Enjoy the greatest advantage of a yearly service agreement with this leading AC service in Orlando - peace of mind.

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Cincinnati, OH Dentist Celebrates 27 Years In Dentistry

2014-01-24 | Dr. Stuart Levy continues to provide his patients with superior dental health care after more than two decades.

Residents Of Weymouth Receive Root Canal Therapy To Eliminate Tooth Infections

2014-01-24 | Dr. Harry Tatoian, Jr. of Weymouth offers root canal therapy to patients and reassures them that it's not as scary as it sounds.

Google+ Helps This Chicago Podiatrist Reach Additional Patients

2014-01-24 | Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd. continues to expand their reach on the Internet through the availability of Google+-the newest social media channel.

Complete Family Foot Care Center, P.C. Shares Valuable Information To Keep Patients' Feet Healthy and Active

2014-01-24 | Dr. Todd Goldberg, a Littlestown podiatrist, helps patients better understand their foot and ankle health care through advanced resources.

Loehmann's Walk-in Clinic In Falls Church Offers Same Day STD Testing

2014-01-24 | Patients who are searching for same day STD testing are invited to visit Loehmann's Walk-In Clinic in Falls Church.

Dentist In Paducah Utilizes Botox In Dentistry For Improved Care

2014-01-24 | Dr. Jeffrey Holland, a Paducah dentist, offers Botox treatment for relief from facial pain.

Futurist Jack Uldrich Returns to Orlando as Keynote Presenter at Pearson Learning Solutions

2014-01-24 | January 26th, award-winning author and technology forecaster, Jack Uldrich returns to Orlando to present the keynote speech to Pearson Learning Solutions.

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Arturo Labanda Urbano Aims to Maintain Excellence in Human Resources

2014-01-24 | Arturo Labanda Urbano celebrates almost a decade with CPP Group

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Brad J. Holtzinger Honored for Accomplishments in Technology

2014-01-24 | Mr. Holtzinger has brought a diverse and successful career to Tortuga Pacific, Inc.

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Kris Wagner Aims to Maintain Excellence in Commercial Dispute Resolution

2014-01-24 | Kris Wagner celebrates nearly two decades in commercial dispute resolution

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Organize-It Purchases New Web Domain, Expands Online Presence To Three Domains

2014-01-24 | Michigan-based retailer buys website from California-based retailer with same name.

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