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December 24, 2014

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Picton Hockey Arena Improves Lighting and Reduces Energy Use by 75%

2014-12-24 | It's about more than energy savings - it's about closer hockey game scores, sizzling car sales, nighttime skiing, and a big check from the hydro company for doing the right thing for our future environment.

Andrew T. Hahn Sr. Featured Among the Top Attorneys in the New York Metro Area

2014-12-24 | Passionate about the minority community, Andrew T. Hahn Sr. takes pride in mentoring young minority lawyers.

Robert G. Stahl Honored for his Skill in Criminal Defense

2014-12-24 | Mr. Stahl has gained an expertise in high-profile prosecution cases.

Craig Weil, MD, Specializes in Hand Surgery through Independent Practice

2014-12-24 | Craig Weil treats a wide variety of upper extremity injuries.

Andrew M. Epstein Honored for his Legal Acumen

2014-12-24 | Mr. Epstein is a litigator who practices in multiple areas of law, including probate, family, commercial and real estate law.

Dana E. Bookbinder, Esq., Aids the Elderly in Making Significant Legal Decisions

2014-12-24 | Dana Bookbinder's goal is to deliver customized services for meeting each individual's particular needs.

Myron T. Steele Honored for his Contributions to the Legal Field

2014-12-24 | Ethisphere Magazine ranked Myron T. Steele second in its list of the 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics.

Katrina C. West Celebrates Great Success as an Entrepreneur

2014-12-24 | Katrina West runs the thriving art and day care center, Kat's Art and Daycare.

Samara Gabree Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in HIV Specialty Care

2014-12-24 | Samara M. Gabree NP, AAHIVS has dedicated her career to caring for advocating for patients and is a vital source of information on HIV and AIDS treatment

New York Firm Winmor Urges Businesses to Stand Out From the Crowd

2014-12-24 | With new start-ups emerging almost every day across America, sales and marketing firm Winmor are urging new business owners to ensure they are bringing a unique brand voice to the market if they want to achieve longevity in business.

City Business Solutions Appalled by Claims Businesses Hire Men over Women

2014-12-24 | Recent claims suggest that many businesses are hiring men over women due to the fear of losing staff through maternity leave. City Business Solutions are appalled by the claims and share why they think women are currently ruling the business world.

A.R. Discovery - Are You a Good Decision Maker?

2014-12-24 | Direct marketing firm A.R. Discovery discuss why it is important to make good decisions in business and offer tips for business owners to improve their decision making abilities.

AIM Marketing Acquisitions: How to React to Criticism

2014-12-24 | Entrepreneurs soon learn that in business, not everyone is going to support their ideas. Although knockbacks are tough, AIM Marketing Acquisitions suggests that if handled in the right way they can be beneficial to a business in the long term.

Apollo Enterprise Inc.: The Struggles of Being a Young Business Leader

2014-12-24 | Young business owners come up against enough challenges, therefore trying to gain the respect of other professionals is an unnecessary barrier. Apollo Enterprise have offered their advice on how to gain respect in leadership.

Capitol City Group Release Guide to Tackling Small Talk

2014-12-24 | It's important in business to make a lasting impression, however this can be difficult when presented with only a small window of time. Capitol City Group review why making an impression is vital and how to wow in under 5 minutes.

CJ Acquisitions Release their Favorite Entrepreneurs' Successful Start-up Stories

2014-12-24 | As advocates of entrepreneurship, direct marketing firm CJ Acquisitions hope that entrepreneurs will be inspired by these successful start-up stories.

LMG Global State Entrepreneurs Must be Open-Minded

2014-12-24 | Entrepreneurs often assume they have to be opinionated and single-minded to be successful in business but LMG Global says that entrepreneurs actually have more success if they are open-minded.

Arizona Landscape Supply Company, Grand Materials and Supply, Inc., Adds to Fleet of Trucks

2014-12-24 | Grand Materials and Supply is adding three new hauling trucks to their existing fleet in order to allow their delivery service to service more requests.

Vacation Tracker & HR Software

2014-12-24 | Shaping the future of HR Management Application & Social Media.

Blue Travel LLC is Launching KissFromItaly: a Transatlantic Journey in 1958 Inspires a Digital Success Story in 2014

2014-12-24 | Blue Travel LLC, boutique tour operator based in Boston, is launching KissFromItaly, travel website offering customized luxury tours in Italy