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August 01, 2020

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Joellyne Naturals Launches Innovative Skin-Whitening Formula

2020-08-01 | Established skin care company announces launch of skin-whitening and anti-aging formula.

Newly Released White Paper Discerns Fact and Fiction of South Korea's COVID-19 Outbreak

2020-08-01 | The COVID-19 Outbreak in South Korea has been mainly attributed to a minority religious group. As differing stories of the group's involvement in the outbreak surface, a White Paper written by religion and legal experts reveals the facts.

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Formula 1® celebrates 70th Anniversary in collaboration with Automobilist

2020-08-01 | 7 Decades, 8 Posters, One Glorious History

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The Increasing Problem of Academic Pollution in Journal Publications

2020-08-01 | Dhruv Maniar, M.S. Biotechnology, reports on how low-quality journals are using predatory tactics to entice research authors to publish in their journals, leading to serious issues of trust and reliability in the publications industry.

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Turning Group Offering Guidance to Struggling Small Businesses During the Pandemic

2020-08-01 | Doral, Florida, firm offering bankruptcy assistance and alternatives to bankruptcy for small businesses throughout the state

Crimson Phoenix Submits Proposal for Data Science Program Set to Begin in Early 2021

2020-08-01 | The Data Science work will be located in Northern Virginia and will be part of a five year award.

Nero Consulting Is Named 2020 Channel Partners Excellence in Digital Services Award BRAND BUILDER

2020-08-01 | The Brand Builder award is for IT companies that use improved processes and insights to improve their clients' end-customer experience and thus increase brand loyalty and profit margins.

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Dr. Julie Steinhauer Expands Practice By Treating Patients Nationwide For Optic Atrophy

2020-08-01 | Dr. Steinhauer is helping dozens of patients, in-office and nationwide on a virtual basis, halt vision loss so they can retain as much eyesight as possible.