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December 25, 2021

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'Tis the Season! Rev. Richard Klingeisen Releases 'A Life of Giving' Christmas Special After a Strong Season Two Debut

2021-12-25 | Rev. Richard Klingeisen has concluded the four-part season premiere of his acclaimed podumentary, and today he continues the show's strong holiday tradition rooted in charity.

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Christ Today with Father Ray Continues to Spread Wisdom and Faith in a Changing World, Readying Landmark Season Finale and Charitable Support

2021-12-25 | Celebrated podumentary, Christ Today with Father Ray returns with its watershed season one finale. Father Ray hopes people will consider generosity while counting their own blessings.

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The Home for Both Professional and Aspiring Divers

2021-12-25 | You were a good diver back then, and you didn't even know it!


2021-12-25 | Space Travel | Cyber Security | Cloud Computing

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WWII Air War - Best Selling Author Tom Burkhalter Announces New Book, We Live In Fame, And Three New Audiobooks

2021-12-25 | Tom Burkhalter writes dramatic stories in the tradition of James Jones, W.E.B. Griffin and C.S. Forester that share a no-nonsense view towards war and an attention to substance that is extraordinary.

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B-Eazy 18-Year Old Aspiring Rapper

2021-12-25 | Upcoming Artist

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