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January 15, 2023

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Alexander Bogicevic, PhD, Recognized for Excellence in Technology and Consulting

2023-01-15 | Dr. Bogicevic is the president of Executive Business Consultants

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"CDC, FDA…link between Pfizer's shot & strokes" 2 years after FDA warning; Media Failing US: Expert

2023-01-15 | FDA's warning of death, strokes, and serious reactions from the shot posted at pg 16 Oct 22, 2020 were never reported by media, says Richard Ruhling, MD. Wasn't Biden's Billion to promote the shot brilliant?

Les Brown, world-renowned public speaker, to headline Upgrade Your Life Tour

2023-01-15 | Brown has been lauded for his passionate, high-energy, straight-from-the-heart presentation style, and is regularly invited to speak with panels of Fortune 500 CEO professional circles

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Savannah Cat Breeder sells $150,000 pet cat! Should hybrid cats be legal pets?

2023-01-15 | Double the size of a domestic cat. Hybrid cats can cost up to $150,000. They are the world's most expensive pet cats. Owned by celebrities, influencers, and common folk. Should people live with mini leopard hybrids

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12 Reasons To Choose "WeDo HVAC" For AC Repair In Los Angeles

2023-01-15 | HVAC contractor in Los Angeles and San Diego, CA

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Nadia the 7th Witch Reveals Secret Magic Love Potion Recipe & Ancient Love Spell

2023-01-15 | Famous Shazaam Witch Reveals Ancient Recipe for a Powerful Love Potion that Helps Thousands Find True Love.

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It's Time For a Different Approach to Social Justice

2023-01-15 | The Ally Ring Launches Today - Be a Part of Creating More Unity & Equality For All

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NooIQ - an OTC Supplement Stack for a Better Brain

2023-01-15 | A mind is a terrible thing to waste...

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