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January 03, 2024

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Revolutionary Groundbreaking Static Mixing Technology Turns Static Mixers Inside Out

2024-01-03 | Haro-Lund introduces a new static mixing technology, which combines significantly better mixing, with an order of magnitude reduction in costs compared to the industry standard helical element by utilizing die cutting equipment for manufacturing.


2024-01-03 | U.S. Patent No. 11,860,683 covers Pluralytics' unique method of matching human values and audience targeting to language patterns, resulting in a predictive scoring and language generation model that increases engagement by 30%

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Arizona Man Makes History Solving One of Math's Most Infamous Problems Using an Unusual Method That Defies Belief

2024-01-03 | An Arizona man who once struggled with math in high school, has solved one of the most notorious problems in history, (The Collatz Conjecture). Thought by many to be unsolvable for decades, his accomplishment has profound implications.

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Motiva Unveils Motiva Generator™ Private Label for Enterprises Seeking Tailored, Private LLMs

2024-01-03 | New product addresses Large Language Model data security and privacy, offering per-customer solutions - a first in MarTech.

Reservation Resources Unveils Eye-Opening Infographic Demonstrating Significant Savings for Students in NYC

2024-01-03 | Reservation Resources Launches Infographic: Up to 30% Off for Students Staying 28+ Days in NYC

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SoBellas Introduces, An innovative Sensor-Based Platform to Revolutionize HVAC Maintenance

2024-01-03 | The SmartAC is dedicated to transforming the HVAC ownership experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology to predict maintenance needs and prevent costly breakdowns.

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2024-01-03 | Celebrates Hendersonville grand opening with Free Ice Cream for a Year for first 100 guests, Jan. 11

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Exit Factor Becomes a Franchise in the Starpoint Brands Division of United Franchise Group

2024-01-03 | Opportunities are available for entrepreneurs to purchase their own franchise of the brand that helps companies strategize a profitable exit

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James Bartelme, Jr. Lauded for Excellence in Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

2024-01-03 | James Bartelme, Jr. lends years of expertise to his work with Caterpillar Inc.

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Nuris R. Finkenthal has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2024-01-03 | Nuris R. Finkenthal is recognized for her expertise as the lead science teacher for the High School of Applied Communication

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Marquis Who's Who Honors Dinah Ru Chen, CPC, for Excellence in Finance and Accounting

2024-01-03 | Ms. Dinah Ru Chen, CPC, is noted for her diligence as the business controller at Atlas Copco

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Diego Pirani Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Finance

2024-01-03 | Diego Pirani channels years of expertise into his work with JBS USA

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James Newton Fordemwalt, PhD, Celebrated for Excellence in the Field of Engineering

2024-01-03 | James Newton Fordemwalt served as an expert in microelectronics engineering technology

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Lynn M. Fenwick, DVM Celebrated for Excellence in Veterinary Medicine

2024-01-03 | Lynn M. Fenwick, DVM is a veterinarian and the owner of Breton Veterinary Hospital

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Joel Meltzer Lauded for Excellence in the Field of Accounting

2024-01-03 | Joel Meltzer lends years of expertise into his work with Meltzer Accounting and Tax Service

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ROMTech CEO Honored by Hartford Business Journal

2024-01-03 | ROMTech has been making waves in the industry as its CEO gets recognized by the Hartford Business Journal.

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Dr. José Morales Escalante Recognized for Achievements in Mathematics and Physics

2024-01-03 | Dr. José Morales Escalante has also been honored by Marquis Who's Who for his prowess in education

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Amber Windsor Celebrated for Dedication to the Field of Counseling

2024-01-03 | Amber Windsor specializes in working with those with mental, emotional, and behavioral issues through her work with Inspira Health Network

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Marquis Who's Who Selects David J. Louis Jr. MS, for Excellence in Case Management and Psychology

2024-01-03 | Mr. David J. Louis Jr. is recognized for his work with the National Emergency Management Response

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Dr. Femi Obasun Recognized by Marquis Who's Who

2024-01-03 | Dr. Femi Obasun is an award-winning scholar in the medical research field, contributing to the collective community

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