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January 13, 2024

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Flash Motors Nano Elite Debuts at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

2024-01-13 | Flash Motors unveiled its Nano Elite next-generation electric scooter controllers at this year's CES trade show.

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ICRFQ Emerges As A Leading IC Chips Distributor, Elevating Industry Standards

2024-01-13 | ICRFQ, a leading distributor in the integrated circuits (IC) industry, proudly announces its continued commitment to excellence and innovation.

Law Offices of M.J. Snyder Nominated for the 2024 Philly Faves for Defense Law

2024-01-13 | Vote Now to Support the Renowned Criminal Defense Law Firm in the Prestigious Philadelphia Inquirer's "Best Of" Awards

Madilyn Abbe Wins McCoy & Hiestand's The 7th Amendment Scholarship

2024-01-13 | Abbe receives $2,500 in financial support from McCoy & Hiestand ahead of her first year of law school.

Groth & Associates Announces The Survivors Speak: Moving Forward Through Hardship Scholarship

2024-01-13 | The new scholarship promises $1,000 to a student who's overcome significant personal obstacles.

Self Esteem And Resilence For Girls: Visionary Positive Psychologist Dr Barbara Becker Holstein Announces New Selfie Film Series Now Available On Roku, Vimeo

2024-01-13 | Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is a best-selling author and film maker who uses positive psychology concepts to help kids deal with bullying, anxiety, depression, loneliness, school shootings and social media issues.

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MorganHill Launches ISMS 27001 Scoping & Gap Assessment Workbook for Download, Paving the Way for ISO 27001 Compliance Excellence

2024-01-13 | MorganHill, a leading authority on ISO/IEC 27001 services, announces the release of its industry leading ISMS 27001 Scoping & Gap Assessment Workbook, now available for download.