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"Miraculous" diamond is discovered with a perfect Templar cross embedded in its center.

Rarely in the history of man do miracles occur that everyone can see to be true. But here for all to witness is the phenomenon of the Templar Diamond. At the center of this gift of the universe is a spectacular cross - an exact replica of the cross of the Knights Templar.

    "Miraculous" diamond discovered with a perfect cross embedded in its center.
A plea for unity and world peace?"

/24-7PressRelease/ - November 13, 2007 - Rarely in the history of man do miracles occur that everyone can see to be true. But here for all to witness is the phenomenon of the Templar Diamond. A beautiful creation of nature, this incredible brilliant diamond is almost 3 carats in weight and a natural greenish color. At the center of this gift of the universe is a spectacular cross.

One day in the late autumn, David Rafaeli, a diamond dealer in Los Angeles, was sorting through his latest acquisition of diamonds from Israel. Much to his amazement, one of the precious stones of a rare color held a miracle inside. He focused his jewelers lens as close as he could, and no matter how he tried to adjust it - the symbol was still there. It was a perfect unilateral cross, totally natural and magnificent! The beautiful cross was positioned exactly in the center of the diamond. A cross that is a replica of the symbol of the Templar knights from the first crusades of 1096.

The Templar knights were entrusted with the mission of defending the Holy Land and protecting the Holy Grail. The Grail was said to be the cup that contained the blood of Christ. The knights believed that he who drank from it would have eternal life. To be the defenders of the land and keepers of the Grail was an immense responsibility indeed, but one that they gave their lives to fulfill. The Templars were instrumental with the successes of the Crusades. They were easily recognizable because of their white mantels emblazoned with the unique stylized cross. The knights were the bravest and best warriors in battle, but they were also responsible for creating the first economic infrastructure. This infrastructure resulted in the earliest form of banking and created economic stability in the medieval world. The Templars represented an amazing balance of unfathomable courage in battle and incredible foresight for the preservation and development of civilized society.

Today we romanticize the concept of knights, courage and devotion that is the stuff of legends from long ago. Recent movies such as "The Da Vinci Code" remind us of the era of romance and chivalry. To these knights the eight-pointed cross of the Templars represented the virtues of:


Recently the Vatican announced the release of long-hidden papers in the Vatican library that absolve the Templars from all charges of heresy. The King of France had fabricated these charges against the Templars to in order to pursue his own interests. These papers are soon to be displayed and a limited number of books will be published about the documents themselves. With all this publicity about the ancient order, what perfect timing for the discovery of the Templar Diamond!

The marvel of a diamond itself gives us awe. Taking millions of years to create, the diamond symbolizes eternity and love. But this unique creation that embodies the image of the Templar cross is almost incomprehensible to the human mind. Can it be a gift from God and a reminder of the Holy Grail at a time in our history when we need to refocus our energies toward peace and unity? This amazing brilliant diamond is indeed a messenger for all mankind. It is the symbol of universal faith and hope for our future. It represents the divine essence of the human spirit.

John Francavilla, PR Director for the Templar Diamond Exhibit, expresses his feelings on the discovery. "The significance of this find is difficult to ignore. Could it be a sign sent to us now when we need it the most? This is a time of conflict and war when mankind needs to take a step back and reevaluate the meaning of sharing the earth. It is essential to remember the meaning of unity and love. We all need to come together to resolve our differences and live in peace."

David Rafaeli has been greatly affected by the discovery of the miracle diamond. This is a gift that needs to be seen and experienced by as many people as possible. Plans are being set in motion now to have the diamond on view around the world for all to see. Details to follow.

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