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Mathematical Proof of the Absurdity of the God Concept

2009-05-15 | A mathematical formula based on logarithms now proves undeniably that the God concept is absurd. The formula I named FFG demonstrates mathematically that absolute certainty is absurdity.

Catholic Priests Demand Changes Despite Vatican Threats

2009-05-13 | A recently released book authored by an anonymous Catholic priest is joining a chorus of new voices from a clergy that is increasingly challenging long-held Church laws.

Author of Never Ceese Makes No Money from Book Sales - Paperback Version is the Remedy

2009-05-07 | S D Enterprises will re-release Sue Dent's self-published paperback of Never Ceese to meet increasing demand for a title that was cancelled by original publisher.

Best Faith based Web site of 2009 to be Named by Web Marketing Association in Annual WebAward Competition

2009-04-29 | The Web Marketing Association announces the call for entries for its 13th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development at The Web Marketing Association will once again name the Best Faith based Web site of 2009.

Mimi Rothschild of Learning By Grace Encourages Parents to Follow their 'Calling'

2009-04-21 | Rothschild advocates for more parents to consider homeschooling.

Nyquist Appointed President of Moody Bible Institute

2009-04-17 | Dr. Paul Nyquist has been appointed president of Moody Bible Institute.

From Polytheism to E-Pluribus Unum: The Bible Does Not Deny The Existence Of Multiple Gods

2009-04-17 | The Bible does not deny the existence of multiple gods; it does show all gods/powers working together as one - a theology consistent with the fundamental principles of democracy.

Songwriter Honors Father With Special Deep Space Transmission

2009-04-16 | Singer/songwriter, Darren Farris will have a song transmitted at the speed of light, into deep space to honor his late fathers memory.

Is Obscenitease Apparel Too Offensive?

2009-04-07 | Obscenitease Apparel is a New Clothing Line proclaiming to 'Redefine the Edge of Offensive Apparel' with their funny offensive t-shirts and stickers that display blasphemous phrases such as 'Abort Christ' and 'Atheists F**k Better.' Have they gone too far?

Eisenberg and Scolnic Publish Jewish Dictionary and Speak on the Whole Megillah

2009-04-03 | Jewish Dictionary Authors Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic present entertaining programs about their reference.

A Supernatural Encounter with God, A Story Of Faith, Healing And Survival - Written By Charles and Saundra Stewart

2009-02-25 | In this tender read we are privileged to enter into the world of, Charles and Saundra, a world that like most of ours, has indeed its trials and tribulations. The couple share with you their lives, their journey with the Lord, and the battles they encountered.

Yes We Did: LifeWay Launches National "I Matter" Movement

2009-02-20 | LifeWay announces the launch of their national "I Matter" movement, which intends to initiate a positive dialogue about the worth in all of God's people.

Christianity in Decline in America? Christian Leaders Respond to the Crisis

2009-01-30 | According to a new Gallup Poll and new Barna Research, Christianity may be in crisis. Several leading Christian leaders offer explanations and solutions.

Without Walls International Church Hosts A Star Studded Line Up Of Events During Super Bowl Weekend in Tampa, FL

2009-01-28 | Without Walls International Church announced today that it will play host to a star studded weekend of celebrities and pro athletes during Super Bowl Weekend in Tampa. Starting on Thursday, January 29th at 7:00PM and continuing through Sunday, February 1st at 10:00AM just hours before the game.

The Highly-Anticipated JP Sherman Communion Invitation Card Collection Is Available On

2009-01-27 | JP Sherman communion invitations may be hard to find elsewhere, but has them! The JP Sherman communion invitation designs are recognized as some of the most desired communion invitations in existence.

A 'Mysterious Being' Was Present at the Creation of the World

2008-12-09 | Jack Dunn's New book Babylon's Tablet of Destiny talks about ancient stone Babylonian tablets that tell the stories of Creation, the Flood, the Epic of Gilgamesh and how they relate to the beginning of Time

UPS Pilot is Award Winning Independent Filmmaker

2008-11-13 | United Parcel Service Pilot is an award winning film maker. Dewayne Rudd has created compelling documentaries on veterans with Alzheimer's, a young boy's exploration of NASA and the tour of China by the Americana Music Group.

EIN News Introduces Free News Alerts for Online Newsrooms

2008-10-22 | EIN News Introduces Free News Alerts for Online Newsrooms

EIN News and Energy Industry Today Announce Advertising Agreement with Turret Middle East

2008-10-22 | EIN News and Energy Industry Today Announce Advertising Agreement with Turret Middle East

Europe's Largest Digital News Distributor Launches Campaign to Secure Significant Role in U.S. Journalism and Media

2008-10-16 | EIN News, which pioneered digital news services in Central Europe as early as 1995 and has been an innovator in digital age journalism, will be expanding its U.S. operations, according to company CEO David Rothstein.