Google May Want to See More Content, However What do Your Readers Think?

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December 23, 2015

24-7 Press Release Newswire has heard some murmurs in the press distribution industry about content-rich press releases being more popular with the search engines. Although this may be correct, you still need to think about making your content readable.

In an article published by Brian Sutter at Forbes magazine, he touches on many valid ways to make your content what he calls, "scannable." He also mentions that having scannable content makes it simpler for potential customers to engage with your business. Thus, scannable content serves two important purposes: better search engine attractiveness and better customer engagement.

Scannable content also is easier to read online. Remember that scannable content is free of clutter and distractions. These are the main reasons why many people find reading content online more difficult than reading content in print. An excellent example of a press release with scannable content is this press release from NASA.

Many of the points which Sutter mentions are completely applicable to writing press releases. So we encourage you, prior to distributing your release, to follow his principles and make sure your release is readable and scannable.

What does having a readable press release mean? It means breaking up the content and breaking up your paragraphs. Keep your sentences short.

Many readers prefer short paragraphs with breaks opposed to long paragraphs with no breaks. It is easier on the eyes. Many of these points are also valid for your website content as well.

A few of the principles mentioned in Sutter's article to make it easier to read include:

- Ensure sentences and paragraphs are short and sweet.
- Use bold text combined with bullet points.
- Link to other content as well.
- Ensure plenty of white space is used.
- Make sure your text is clear and understandable.
- Use Italics for important information.

You can still write a detailed press release when you need to. However, how you present the information is important.

Sutter's article is quite lengthy but thankfully he practices what he preaches and so it is easy to read and follow. We encourage you to read the article and apply it to your writing. After all, when you distribute your press release with 24-7 Press Release Newswire, it will be going to the masses, and easy readability is the name of the game.