Can I Use ChatGPT to Write a Press Release? What You Need to Know

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March 12, 2024

As many website and business owners have learned, the evolution of ChatGPT has enabled them to produce content at lightning speed.

Where it used to take upward of two hours for some individuals to craft an article, or in this case a press release, some folks are banging them off in 10 minutes using ChatGPT. Read this whole article before you close the screen and jump to ChatGPT.

We can see the appeal, but we do have to stress that we should not become overly dependent on the tool for writing.

Where ChatGPT Can Be Helpful
We recognize that writing a press release can be extremely daunting, primarily if you have never written a press release before. This situation is where ChatGPT can lend a hand. Notice we said ‘lend a hand’ and not write your news release.

If you have all the details required for your press release, including some quotes for attribution, you can certainly plug it in to ChatGPT to develop a draft press release.

After doing so, we would highly recommend looking at the structure of the press release and then either re-writing the entire release in your own words using the ChatGPT structure or heavily modifying the wording of the press release.

Grammarly can also be a valuable tool for reviewing your press release after changing the wording to sound more like yourself instead of a machine.

One of the problems we have encountered from either using ChatGPT or seeing AI-written press release content is that it tends to be ‘heavily overworded and technical.’ This wordy writing style can play against you when trying to reach the media with your news, as journalists prefer shorter stories. Journalists want your news release to be ‘straight to point’ with no fluff and no over-wordy technojargon (something ChatGPT tends to do).

As Neil Patel, an SEO expert, mentions, ChatGPT is not your savior.

Google has an E.E.A.T algorithm (experience, expertise, authority, trust). As mentioned, by using A.I. to write your content, you will miss out on most of those elements. Google is overloaded with fluff content and will sift through the garbage, leaving much A.I. written content to rank less favorably. Google wants to show the best content, including press releases. Writing your content yourself from scratch or having A.I. gently assist, but with significant human editing input, will reach further, particularly if you can demonstrate yourself as an industry expert with unique content.

If our editorial staff can spot an AI-written press release, Google will surely see it. Your content may show in search results, but the value has a high likelihood of lacking value when written solely by AI.

In conclusion, using AI to get a starting point may be helpful, but before you submit a press release for online distribution (online or offline), ensure that the press release is in your own words.

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