All Press Releases for January 20, 2012

Laurel Ann Browne Helps Her Clients Take Charge of Their Own Lives

"[I use] a different way of counseling and teaching so that [people] can help themselves."

    GEORGETOWN, TX (Central TX., USA), January 20, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "My educational background is life experience," says Laurel Ann Browne, Integrative Holistic Counselor. Left to fend for herself at the age of 15, Ms. Browne has always had more of a personal, intuitive approach to life as opposed to one that followed accepted norms. This same instinctiveness now guides her work as CEO of Visionary Counseling Center, LLC, dba Visionary Creative Change, through which she advises people from all walks of life. She counsels on a wide range of topics related to health and wellness using the whole body, mind and feelings approach. This includes specialized nutritional and herbal needs to address any individual, family or youth problems. She uses your specific DNA blueprint (Medical Astrology) and Aura to tap into any prominent issue. Emotions will trigger health problems and are intricately connected. The same applies to substance abuse, which again should be healed from the "cause" and applied to the main root source. ADHD is a label not a dis-ease and cannot be healed by giving them drugs. Laurel Ann has worked with high-risk youth, substance abuse and alternative health natural cures to help any individual by helping them find out "who they are" leading to purpose and their mission. She has worked with many married couples and business colleagues to help make the right decisions forecasting future trends and obstacles she can "see" or predict.

Ms. Browne has over 35 years' experience and has established herself as a Professional Counselor; Medical Astrologer, Columnist: Alternative Health and Child Behavior (ADHD), sometimes referred to as "Indigo" children-adults who are people with highly advanced minds and personalities and cannot be taught in a traditional way. They are the way showers of our generation. We now have Autism - which in truth are called "Crystal Children" to help off-set the destruction of our own selves. She was a Board Member for the Whole Life Association for Community Health & Awareness in Colorado. (CASA Advocate) 7th Judicial District Court.

Expertise: Laurel Ann has had private practices in both Colorado and currently in Texas. She is a counselor for self-empowerment using an integrative approach to finding practical solutions for any problem. She is a past substance abuse counselor, certified hypnotherapist, professional astrologer, numerologist, new age medium, writer, speaker, teacher and healer. She incorporates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Holosync Meditation, Metaphysical, Spiritual knowledge, and Brain-wave technology to help her clients. She is a self-growth program Affiliate Marketer and Webmaster.

Laurel Ann Browne, CAC III, CHt, CPE

Testimonial from Professionals: Laurel Ann Browne is a mother, sister and friend you can turn to when making some of the most important decisions of your life. Simply put, Laurel's key to her success is undoubtedly her warm smile and magnetic personality. She has the ability to get people to open up so she can help them. In today's economic difficulties, divorce, health issues and other societal problems, it's important professionals like Laurel that are a beacon of hope for so
many. Laurel prides herself in getting to the root of the problem. She works with people on a multitude of issues such as parenthood, addiction, child welfare, spousal abuse and much more. She is an unsung hero in society today. Laurel is committed to helping mankind. She feels that the only way for us to make it as a race is to pull together and help one another.

Laurel has a remarkable list of rehabilitative programs and treatments. Her techniques are revolutionary and have brought us into the 21st century. With all of the modern mankind technology, Laurel still relies heavily on her clairvoyant and perceptive nature. She uses calming techniques in her sessions and occasionally a bit of humor doesn't hurt. Her ability to tap into her clients' Aura gets immediate results and answers to their needs. Laurel has a very high success rate; many of her clients are repeat customers. She believes in a Holistic approach. She recommends movies, books and healing techniques to create an atmosphere of confidence and positive thinking. Laurel marches to the beat of a different drum. She uses unconventional methods, many of which she created herself. Laurel has worked with government officials and youth programs. She is an avid community volunteer and is highly concerned with the direction the next generation is headed. Laurel is considered a brilliant astrologer and numerologist but we realize she is so much more. She is a healer in the finest sense of the word. She is a practical and spiritually driven individual. Laurel believes that everyone has the ability to heal themselves. She lectures on a multitude of rehabilitative techniques and self-healing for individual empowerment; we feel it is her most important message. Laurel's journey is one of self-sacrifice and giving. She simply can never turn the other cheek when she sees someone in need. She is a "can do" professional who never gave into stereotypes or medical propaganda.

It's professionals like Laurel that inspires us to be the best we can be.

Credentials: Summit University - Teachings of the Ascended Masters
The Arcane Society - Esoteric Teachings of Alice Bailey - Kabbalah
Oregon State Capital - Administrative Assistant to House of Representative Jim Hill
Colorado Department of Youth Service (DYS) High-risk Youth Alcohol Evaluator/Counselor
Community Outreach Worker (COW) - Liaison to Colorado Governor's Office for Western Slope Colorado Department of Human Services - Colorado CAC III
Certified Parent Educator - (INCAF) the International Network for Children & Families
Certified Hypnotherapist - (IACT) the International Association of Counselors & Therapists
(NAPW) The National Association of Professional Woman
Published in Remington/Sterling Registry of Outstanding Professionals

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Current Practice: Central TX, USA
Visionary Counseling Center, LLC, dba Visionary Creative Change
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"Among The Eyes of Time Stand All Minds of Knowledge" Quote: Laurel Ann Browne

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