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How Do We Resolve Issues Of Cybercriminals Revolving Around The Society?

Security breaches continue to emerge plaguing organizations; today is the launch of our newly developed superior hardware & software security storage solution which protects your workstation from cybercriminals within and on the go via our product, called the Signature Pro.

    HAAKSBERGEN, NETHERLANDS, May 21, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Our company is the leader and pioneered the first USB storage solution coupled with Hardware AES Encryption with Biometric Fingerprint Protection.

The hardware of Bioslimdisk Signature Pro offers 5 unique features that protects critical data such as:

1 ) Dual Fingerprint Authentication
2 ) Brute force prevention
3 ) Cryptography Security
4 ) Embedded Read/Write Protection
5 ) Biometric Area Sensor

Dual fingerprint authentication function is so unique that it increases the difficulty for hackers and prevents access from the outside into the secured non-volatile internal memory storage. Brute force prevention limits false fingerprint guesses and self-destruct upon third party attack. Cryptography Security consists of (AES) Advanced Encryption Standard 128bit on board hardware encryption. Embedded Read speed up to 24/MBps & Write speed up to 16/MBps. And lastly the Biometric Area Sensor technology detects the points of your fingertip to gain access. This technology is much more secure than swiping sensor for some biometric products.

Signature pro can be integrated with professional security software called the Drivelock which is optional for users. DriveLock helps you make your client environment more secure. It is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to maintain. DriveLock offers 5 main features of a security software for standalone:

•Device Scanner
•Locking Drives and Devices
•Whitelist rules
•Application Launch Filter
•Removable media encryption

Product Review and Hacking Resistance Testing

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'BioSlimDisk' is a registered Trademark by the company RiTech International since year 2003 under the following:
Europe Trademark No.: M782914
U.S. registered Trademarks No.: 2807904
Singapore registered Trademark No.: TO2/03429B, TO3/11495H

Ritech International patented 'Bioslimdisk Signature' with fingerprint authentication feature and the patent was awarded in the Netherlands on 5 Feb 2009 under Patent number: NL1034214.
We have appointed qualified niche distributors to serve various geographical locations in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.

These security solutions that our product provides are adequate for protecting against increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals. In a bit of serendipitous timing, security vendors like Ritech International has developed a new type of threat protection and security technique for security intelligence world-wide.

About Ritech International

In 1998, RiTech International Ltd pioneered the first USB storage solution coupled with Biometrics fingerprint protection. Leading in hardware innovative technologies, RiTech produced a unique security vault to store and protect personal or corporate data. Being hardware-specific, RiTech has kept its dominance by being the only self-contained USB-biometrics producer on the market. Essentially no contamination of software drivers are used to assist data encryption or any software functions used by fingerprint authentication.

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BioSlimDisk is a secure personal storage device with ultimate encryption and authentication with the use of fingerprint sensor technology. It secures your data storage device