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May 21, 2009

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Transform, the Largest Plastic Surgery Clinic States That Men Are More Vain Than Women

2009-05-21 | 1 in 3 women opt for plastic surgery to boost confidence, whereas 1 in 3 men opt for cosmetic surgery for pure vanity - 50% of men would change nothing about their appearance - Male rhinoplasty, Botox injections and liposuction are on the rise

NYC Outward Bound to Honor U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at Annual Gala, June 4

2009-05-21 | At the event, celebrating "excellence in education", Secretary Duncan will receive New York City Outward Bound's 2009 Educational Leadership Award. The award will be presented by NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.

Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose and Aero-Mobile Reunited

2009-05-21 | Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose and Aero-Mobile are reunited after decades apart. Howard Hughes' 1936 Lincoln Limousine Concept Car "Custom Aero-Mobile" Found!

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Bigmouthmedia Research Reveals Pressure On Brands

2009-05-21 | Bigmouthmedia research reveals pressure on brands as recession impacts on European search behaviour

M&S Money Launches First Easy Access Saver

2009-05-21 | M&S Money has announced a further expansion of its range of savings products with the launch of the M&S Everyday Savings Account

M&S Money Launches Premium Club

2009-05-21 | M&S Money has announced the launch of its new Premium Club which offers membership benefits and extra loyalty awards to customers

SilverDoor Announces Expansion In Database

2009-05-21 | SilverDoor expands its database of properties with new additions in Cardiff and London

Emirates Launches Mobile Version Of Its Website

2009-05-21 | Emirates has announced the launch of a new facility that allows customers to access the Emirates website from mobile devices

Displaysense Aid Retailers In Their Fight Against Swine Flu

2009-05-21 | Displaysense has reported an increase in sales of swine flu protection equipment, as retailers and manufacturers alike go to new lengths to protect their customers and staff.

Forex Trading Pal Announces Makeover

2009-05-21 | Forex Trading Pal, one of the industry´s leading Introducing Brokers, has announced today that its website is currently being restyled.

H1 N.......what?!!? America's Mexican "Influenza", a tale of two Pandemics, says Researcher Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD

2009-05-21 | We are told to wash or hands, to cover coughs and sneezes, to stay home if we feel sick. Yet to this point only a fraction of purported "flu" cases have been proven to be linked to Influenza, reminds previous Journal of Infectious Diseases lead investigator Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

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Boomer Insight Web Portal to Take Pulse of Baby Boomer Generation

2009-05-21 | Austin, Texas Startup Launches Web-Based Opinion Portal to Engage Baby Boomers

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Chicago Department of Transportation Approves Armor-Tile Tactile Systems

2009-05-21 | The nation's leader in detectable warnings manufacturing, Engineered Plastics, Inc., is proud to announce that the Chicago Department of Transportation has specified its flagship product, Armor-Tile Tactile Systems, as approved for use in Chicago

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How Do We Resolve Issues Of Cybercriminals Revolving Around The Society?

2009-05-21 | Security breaches continue to emerge plaguing organizations; today is the launch of our newly developed superior hardware & software security storage solution which protects your workstation from cybercriminals within and on the go via our product, called the Signature Pro.

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Douglas W. Ball, L.Ac. Named to Exclusive Membership Organization

2009-05-21 | Douglas W. Ball, L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist with expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kenneth Y. Amoah, MBA Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who

2009-05-21 | Kenneth Y. Amoah pursued a career in management consulting because he wanted to work directly with small and mid-sized companies to increase their net worth

Online Retail Store Lotus Jewelry Specializes in One-of-a-Kind Items

2009-05-21 | Originally from Russia, Natasha Taran uses her creative talents to design earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings using gemstones, semi-precious stones, silver and beads

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Christian Audigier: King of Cannes

2009-05-21 | Christian Audigier's 51st birthday party is the talk of the Cannes. The gala birthday bash is sure to be a highlight of this year's star-studded Cannes International Film Festival.

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Bubbly with Spots On - The New Leopard Champagne Bar at The Rubens at the Palace

2009-05-21 | Discover the new Leopard Champagne Bar at the Rubens at the Palace and its sibling, Hotel d'Angleterre.

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Sarasota Dentist Introduces Anesthesia Reversal Agent

2009-05-21 | Sarasota Dentist Dr. Charles Crane will begin offering OraVerse to patients this month as a means of reversing the effects of anesthesia after dental work is complete.